Word Formation-Primary Derivatives

Words can be formed by a change of the primary words as when forming nouns from adjectives or verbs, or verbs from nouns or adjectives, etc. Such words formed by making some changes to the spelling of a simple word are called primary derivatives.

Eg: Bond – bind

Here, Bond is a primary derivative formed by making some internal changes the word bind.

The past tense forms which are made by making some internal changes to primary verbs are not usually considered as derivatives.

Nouns from Verbs: allow- allowance, admit – admission, compare- comparison Nouns from Adjectives: brave-bravery, faithful – faithfulness, honest - honesty Adjectives from Nouns: Child - Childish, Picture - Picturesque, Earth - Earthen Verbs from Nouns: Centre – Centralise, Danger – Endanger, Vigour - Invigorate Verbs from Adjectives: Dense - Condense, Humble - Humiliate, Strange - Estrange

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