English language has a variety of words denoting the sounds of animals and birds. All animals cry. Their cry differs from each other and there are particular words for those cries.

For Example: A cock crows, a cat mews and a lion roars.

Animal communication is "the transmission of a signal from one animal to another such that the sender benefits, on average, from the response of the recipient". It is non-verbal. Vocal-auditory channels are sounds emitted from the mouth and perceived by the auditory system. This applies to many animal communication systems. Species of parrots and dolphins have a complex communication system which involves a complex combination of various sounds. Dolphins cannot be taught either type of language but may be able to understand sounds or gestures and to respond by pressing specially designed levers. Apes can't produce a large proportion of the vowels and have difficulty with some of the consonants. Some birds, such as certain parrots are able to mimic human speech with great clarity.

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