Conservation of Plants and Animals

Conservation of plants and animals is required to maintain the balance in the ecosystem. Still people perform deforestation and hunt animals to fulfill their needs. Deforestation is done to procure land for cultivation, build houses and factories, use wood as fuel and furniture etc.

Deforestation leads to global warming, increase in pollution, uncertain rainfall pattern, floods, drought, soil erosion, lowering of the level of ground water, desertification etc. Certain rules, methods and policies are laid down by the government to protect and conserve forest and wildlife. The protected areas for conservation of plants and animals are biosphere reserves, wild life sanctuaries and the national parks etc. Biosphere reserves are the areas meant for the conservation of biodiversity.

  • Some biosphere reserves are: Pachmari biosphere reserve (consisting of Satpura, a national park and two wild life sanctuaries named Bori and Pachmari).
Wildlife Sanctuaries provide protection and the suitable conditions to the wild animals. Here the poaching and killing is strictly prohibited. National Parks are large reserves which protect the whole sets of ecosystems.
  • Satpura national park is the first reserve forest of India.
  • Project Tiger was launched by the government to protect the tigers in the country.
Plants and animals of a particular area are known as the flora and fauna of that area. Endemic species are found only in a particular area. Endangered species are those which are facing the risk of extinction. Red Data Book contains a record of the endangered species.

Migration is the phenomenon of movement of a species from its own habitat to some other habitat for a particular time period every year for a specific purpose like breeding. Recycling of paper is necessary, as reuse of paper will save many trees. Reforestation is restocking of the destroyed forests by planting new trees is reforestation. It is of two types: Artificial reforestation and natural reforestation.

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