Writer - II Writer helps in creating documents like reports, letters, business plans and many more. Spell checking feature of word processor helps to produce error-free documents. It can be done with the internally available dictionary. Writer provides two ways to check spelling and grammer. If AutoSpellCheck is activated, Writer will automatically check the document when data is typed and underline possible spelling and grammatical errors.

Graphics are added to the textual documents to support the description provided in the text. It also provides a visual impact of the contents. To create bulleted or numbered lists, use the list features provided by the Writer. Click the numbered list button or bulleted list button on the formatting toolbar. Type the first entry and press ENTER. This will create a new number on the next line. Every word processor provides with the facility of hard copies. Writer help is an extensive on-line system that provides information on every aspect of word program. Writer help is very easily accessible. It provides with “how to” and “what is” information on every aspect of the word program. Mail Merge is a useful feature to create or print multiple copies of a document which must be sent to different addresses. This feature merges common text with a set of data coming from a database to produce unique letters. The three main components of the merging process are: Main document, Data source and Merged document.

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