SpreadSheet Tool: OO Calc- II

OpenOffice.org Calc offers a variety of different charts and graph formats for presenting data. Charts are pictorial representation of worksheet data which are easier to read and understand. Charts can be a powerful way to convey information. Charts help to evaluate and analyze data. Calc allows creating many different kinds of charts to visually accent data like Area chart, Column chart, Bar chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Donut chart, XY chart, Net Chart, Stock chart.

An area chart emphasizes the trend of each value over time. An area chart also shows the relationship of parts to a whole. A column chart uses vertical bars or columns to display values over different categories. A bar chart is similar to a column chart except these use horizontal instead of vertical bars. Like the column chart, the bar chart shows variation in value over time. A line chart shows trends and variations in data over time. A pie chart displays the contribution of each value to the total. A Stock chart is a specialized column graph specifically for stocks and shares.

There are various components of a chart, like, X and Y axis, Chart area, Plot area, Data series, Chart Title, Legend, Gridlines and Data label. Formatting makes the worksheet presentable. It provides worksheets a neater and more legible outlook. Formatting does not affect the actual cell value, only the appearance changes.

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