Presentation Tool: OO Impress

Open Office.Org Impress is a powerful program. Each page created can contain images, text, charts and other items to express your ideas more clearly. OOo Impress is presentation component of OOo software package. OOo Impress is an application software that can create professional looking visual aids. These aids can be computer images, paper printouts or photographic transparencies. Presentation should be to the point and focusing over actual purpose. There should be less text and maximum possible graphics. To be able to use slides meaningfully, a speaker must be familiar with the basic components of a slide. Basic elements of a slide contain Titles and Subtitles, Graphs, Objects, pictures etc. A design template is a predefined file that contains predefined elements-styles for a presentation. There are different ways to view presentation in Impress. Each new presentation opens in Normal view which combines the outline of presentation with a view of the current slide. The Outline View only displays the text of the presentation.

A well balanced slide has an even distribution of text and symbols. Graphics objects that can be inserted in slides are Clipart/Pictures, Autoshapes and lines. To add music or sound to the slide, click on Insert menu, point to Movie and Sound.This will open Insert Movie and Sound dialog pop up, click on Open button. Various effects can be used in slide shows like introducing animations and transitions.

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