Societal Impact of IT

Information technology has been defined as the technology which provides all information about any phenomenon or event taking place anywhere in the universe at any time to any person anywhere in the world. ICT has played an important role in the field of technology, such as launching satellites, computer communication and content technologies. ICT has attracted the attention of academia, business, government and communities to use it for the innovative profitable propositions. ICTs are powerful tools for extending educational opportunities. As technology has advanced, the way in which privacy is protected and violated has changed with it. There are different issues to concern about like Ethical Issue, Social Issue and Political Issue. With the growth of information technology and with its enhanced capacity for surveillance, communication, computation, storage and retrieval, it is easy to invade one’s privacy. So, with the increased value of information in decision making, this threat becomes more serious. Intellectual property rights are the rights of the owner of information to decide how much information is to be exchanged, shared or distributed. Also, it gives the owner a right to decide the price for exchanging/sharing/distributing.

Software Piracy is unauthorised duplication of computer software. It means denial of intellectual property rights to the software creator/developer. Patent refers to special power of monopoly granted by law. Without obtaining a licence from the patent holder, the work cannot be used or reproduced.

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