Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

Social Science is considered to be the lengthiest subjects in terms of syllabus. It requires very deep memorization of very vast concepts. NCERT solutions for Class 9th Social science lay the foundation for students aspiring to pursue humanities in further grades. Also, students aspiring to appear in competitive exams are advised to take notes and use e-learning websites for reference in future while preparation.

Topics like Nazism and the rise of Hitler are simplified by Extramarks that offers offline and online study material tailored to the syllabus. From the examination point of view, it is advised to stick to text books than NCERT solutions for Class 9 Social Science. In chapters Nazism and the rise of Hitler, Class 9 Social Science curriculum by Extramarks provides comprehensive concept coverage supported with audio-visual narratives.

Extramarks experts suggest few techniques to ensure children are good with NCERT solutions for Class 9 Social Science.


  1. Embracing Digital Learning

Digital Learning has come as a revolution in the age of modern education. In Social Science for Class 9, it is a boon considering the vast syllabus and detailed explanation in the form of video-based stories.

Digital Learning, usually considered helpful sciences and Math, has a huge impact in helping students with NCERT solutions for Class 9 Social Science.

  1. Positive Reinforcement Techniques

Positive reinforcement for kids is simply the technique alluring your kid with rewards upon accomplishing any desired goal. Extramarks Learning solutions keep parents aware of learners’ progress status and help them motivate learners in a better manner.

  1. Using Movies and Television

To help students in topics like Nazism and the rise of Hitler in class 9, many movies based on various historical happenings are aired on popular channels. However, parents must ensure that the movies do not show distorted historical facts.

  1. Encouraging Reading

Reading is a very important when it comes to subjects like History, Geography, Civics and Economics etc. A student needs to be a thorough reader to prepare comprehensive notes for Class 9 Social Science. 

  1. Exam preparation

Various e learning websites provides ample learning resources to enable exam preparation for Social Science of class 10. A learner needs to practice CBSE sample papers based on latest syllabus and rehearse their attempts to ensure good score.

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