The Story Of My Life - Chapters 11&12 - Exploring Forest and Frigid North

Helen returned from Boston in the autumn laden with joyous memories of her visit to North. A new and beautiful world opened up as she could bridge and connect herself with a wide range of people, their feelings, ideas and experiences. Back at her South home, she spent the autumn with her family at their summer cottage which was fourteen miles from Tuscumbia. It was called Fern Quarry. A limestone quarry had been abandoned and the opening of one of the three little streams that surrounded it was covered with ferns. Helen was fond of riding her pony, called Black Beauty, at Fern Quarry. On mornings when she did not care for the ride, her teacher and she would ramble in the woods after breakfast and allow themselves to get lost amid the trees and vines, with no road to follow except the paths made by cows and horses. Critical Appraisal Helen’s visit to Boston was memorable as she had been able to communicate many people there using manual alphabet. Now it was autumn, and back home; she along with her family and teacher went to the summer cottage at the top of the mountain a little away from Tuscumbia. Helen was amused by the talk of the hunters who happened to station there. She enjoyed her rambles into the forest with her teacher. One day they lost their way back home and had to avoid crushing down the train that came suddenly. Chapter Twelve Summary After her first visit to Boston, Helen made it to the North almost every winter. Her experience with the snow covered village in New England was unique. She had never before entered into such treasures of snow. It seemed that some mysterious hand had stripped the trees and bushes. The birds had flown, and their empty nests were filled with snow. The trees had withdrawn to their roots. One day the air was chill predicting a snowstorm. Helen along with others came out to feel the flakes falling. The night had been so snowy that in the morning everything was thickly covered with snow and the features of the landscape were beyond recognition. After her first visit to North, Helen visited this region almost every year. She was fascinated by the snow covered landscape and it’s icicled and mummified features. She loved to go out in the chill of the weather and feel the falling flakes. Listening to tales sitting round a bonfire in the nights, and tobogganing were the most exciting things for her.

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