Ch- 25 & 26: Hunt for Griffin & A Murder

Dr. Kemp, is a cautious and tactful man. When he finds that Griffin is incorrigible and is quite adamant on committing crime, he tactfully keeps him engaged by talking amiably. He loses no time in informing Colonel Adye of Griffin’s presence on discovering the darker aspect of Griffin’s character.

As Colonel Adye arrives with his constables to nab Griffin, Griffin makes himself invisible once again, scuffled with Kemp and throwing him on the landing. Now, Kemp and Adye make sure that he is prevented from making mischief and escaping from Port Burdock.

No one knows where he has gone or what he is doing. But all exits and means to escape beyond the boundary of Burdock have been blocked by two in the afternoon. Mounted policemen warn the people to lock themselves inside their houses. Despite all measures, Mr. Wicksteed, a steward to Lord Burdock, is murdered on his way to have his lunch. In the morning Griffin is ready again for active, powerful, angry, and malignant action against the world.

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