Antonyms & Synonyms

Once we are able to communicate effectively in different situations, we face a new challenge in the form of vocabulary. The practical importance of enriching ones vocabulary is that in a manner it advances the precision of one’s communication. One of the best ways to enhance one’s vocabulary is to learn synonyms and antonyms for words one already knows. An antonym is a word that has an opposite or contrary meaning, and a synonym is a different word that means the same thing. Synonyms and antonyms are necessary to keep us from getting bored, as these avoid repetition in communication; however, its misuse can also lead to embarrassing situations. For example, an informal word ‘bash’ means a large or exciting event, with food, drinks, dancing, etc. We can use the word ‘bash’ in sentence, ‘Be ready for the biggest new year bash this time!’ ‘Bash’ however also means a heavy blow, so we need to be careful about when and how to use the word that better suits the medium we are working in.

Also, synonyms and antonyms play an important role in several fields of study, such as literature, linguistics, or psychology; therefore, we need to be judicious while using these in our communication.

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