Diary Entry

Diaries are extremely popular. All sorts of people ranging from young children to presidents of the developed nations keep them. Diary writing helps give an outlet to your feelings if you are not able to confide in your friends or family. A diary gives an insight into one’s personal and public lives, although unlike other types of writings, it is generally not meant to be read by anyone else.

A diary can be a friend, a confidant, a tool that supports feelings, facilitator of clarity in thoughts, or just a repository of dreams and imaginations. More often than not, people find a great comforter in a diary during their challenging periods. In fact, if maintained with a specific purpose, a diary can be a great tool for keeping track of one’s experiences.

A diary can take many different forms, but keeping a diary is a task that involves certain rules, which help in penning down one’s thoughts or ideas in a proper manner. Some specific rules like formatting, narration style and time-connectives usage are required to be kept in mind while trying to capture your thoughts on a piece of paper.

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