Story Writing (Visual or Verbal Stimulus)

A story is an account of actual or fabricated events. It is anything told or recounted; more narrowly and more usually. They leave behind an impression, and are so all-persuasive that we practically cease to be aware of them. When we tell stories well – easily and naturally – we are actually imagining what happens in the story. Some storytellers use the same words every time; others use different words every time. Either method can produce great results, as long as the words we speak are connected to our senses and our hearts. Stories in literature include short story, novella, epic, drama, comedy, tragedy, satire, myth, parable, to name a few. The chief components of a story are plot, setting, characters, theme and presentation. There are, however, only three or four simple parts to a good story: beginning, middle, solution and end. The beginning of a story is usually a little story in itself that leads into a longer one. The middle part of the story tells about the things that happen after a problem occurs. The solution tells how the problem is resolved. Finally, the end concludes the story with a message, if possible.

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