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Why Extramarks Smart Study Pack?

Extramarks makes e-learning for kids a joyful experience. It’s an exciting alternate for kindergarten kids. The young learners are provided with a whole range of engaging animations, stories,videos & learning aids that capture their imagination and lets them learn by exploring and experimenting. It focuses on learning by dwelling on real life scenarios and drawing inferences from the immediate environment. The content is visually enriching and makes learning fun through melodious renditions of rhymes, poems and captivating stories.

The fascinating Concept modules stimulate the curiosity of learners through highly engaging and interactive storylines and activities. Ample amount of hands on practice is provided in the form games, study tools & worksheets.

The curriculum is extensive and is broadly classified into five subjects – English Language, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Hindi & Knowllypedia. It also lays great emphasis on building strong moral and cultural values.