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Why Extramarks?

“Curiosity is an appetite for knowledge.” Montessori method primarily aims at holistic development of the child, basking on the curiosity and delicate minds of young kids. This is the most commonly chosen pedagogy for pre school and Nursery kids.

Extramarks Preschool curriculum has adopted the same methodology making pre primary admissions easy. It bundles an exciting array of learning modules, animations, games and exercises that light up every classroom. The learning modules are engaging and are based on real life day to day experiences.

  • Concepts taught inspire awe and wonder
  • Storylines that the kids can relate to
  • Interactive exercises that involve active participation
  • Colourful videos that make learning a joyful experience
  • Melodious renditions of rhymes
  • Moral stories that impart strong moral values
  • Interesting ‘Project Work’ ideas
  • Exciting ‘Insights’ for additional trivia

It is believed that till the age of six years, the child’s mind is greatly impressionable. During this stage a child has a tremendous ability to learn and assimilate from the world around him, without conscious effort. Extramarks learning modules cater enough stimuli to arouse thinking. This is done by providing appropriate material and game based activities, rightly directing the children’s enthusiasm for learning and guiding it.