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Extramarks Smart Study App

Mobile phone platform to learning solutions to foster deep comprehension

Extramarks Smart Study App

The App provides the same learning solutions as in Extramarks Smart Study pack and Tabs, and offers learning at a students' own pace and space. It adopts a three pronged approach to meet the learning requirements of students i.e. Learn, Practice and Test. Extramarks Smart Study App uses learning modules like Lesson (SLMs), Practice papers, Concept Adventure, Animations etc. which the schools use to impart education in Extramarks Smart Class rooms and in Smart Study Pack. In a nutshell, the App enables flipping the classroom in the most pocket friendly manner to the learner on the go.

Key Features

  • Pay per Use
  • Most Economical Educational App
  • CBSE & ICSE mapped curriculum for K-12 segment
  • Game based and interactive learning solutions for junior learners
  • Performance Assessment
  • The same learning solutions is used by all leading schools