Foundation of Information Technology::2010:CBSE:[All India]: Set - I

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  • Q1

    Write the HTML code for the following Web Page as seen on the Internet Explorer. The details are given below.


    1. Title is Learning English.

    2. Text Color is dark blue and Visited Link Color is red.

    3. Size of the text is 7 and the first text-line is Center- Aligned.

    4. The Image in button shape with text ‘Best Site on WEB for Teachers’ is Right-Aligned. Its Filename is button.gif. The image Height is 175 pixels and Width is 300 pixels.

    5. The Image is also a Hyperlink and the linked file is teach.html.

    6. There are four Horizontal Lines in the web Page. The details about them are:
    a) Line Colour is black.
    b) Line Thickness is 5 pixels.
    c) Lines are not shaded.
    d) Width of last line is 50%.

    7. Unordered List of type disc has been used to list the three items.

    8. The List Items are Hyperlinks and the linked files are:



    Hyperlink Text

    Linked File



    Improve your English




    Prepare for TOEFL



    Prepare for CBSE Boards




    Code for the Given Screen short:< html >
    < body >
    < table >
    < FONT size="7" align=center >
    Learning English Online
    < HR size=4 color=black >
    < HR size=4 color=black > < b >
    < tr >
    < td >
    < ul >
    < !--- < FONT size="7" > < br >--- >
    < li >
    < a href="www.Improve your English" > Improve your English < /a >< FONT size="7" >
    < /li>

    < li >
    < a href="www.Prepare for TOEFL" > Prepare for TOEFL
    < /li > < br >
    < li >< a href="www.Prepare for CBSE Boards" > Prepare for CBSE Boards < /a > < FONT size="7" > < /li > < br >
    < /ul >
    < /td >
    < td >
    < img border="0" src=./2010/08/23/button.gif alt="button" width="300" height="175" / >
    < /td >
    < /tr >
    < tr >
    < td algin=center >
    < HR size=4 color=black >< b >
    < HR size=4 width=53% color=black >< b >
    < /td >
    < /tr >
    < /body >
    < /html >

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  • Q2

    a) Give the full form of DBMS.    (1)
    b) What is the field in Database? Give an example.    (1)
    c) What is the field size property of an AutoNumber data type in MS_ACCESS? (1)
    d) Give the difference between MEMO and TEXT type field used in MS_ACCESS.    (1)
    e) What is the Caption Property for a field in MS_ACCESS?  What is the caption is assigned by default.    (2)
    f) Explain the VALIDATION TEXT and VALIDATION RULE properties for a text type field.      (2)
    g) Name two data types in which the field property
        ALLOW ZERO LENGTH is available in MS_ACCESS. (2)


    i) The full form of DMBS is Database Management System.
    ii) It is basically a program through which we maintain the database.

    i) Database fields (columns) are also known as Data Items.
    ii) It represents one type of information. 
    Example: In a student table, we have fields like Roll no, Name, DOB, Address etc.

    i) It is also known as Counter. 
    ii) A field that automatically generates unique numbers for each records.
    If the DataType property is set to AutoNumber, the FieldSize property can be set to Long Integer or Replication ID.

    i) They both are the data type for a field.
    ii) Text field can store upto 255 characters, whereas memo can store 64,000 characters.  

    i) A caption is one of the properties of a label control in Microsoft Access.
    A caption as a field property refers to the label that appears for the field when we view table or its data.
    If no value is entered in caption field property, the filed name is used as the label.
    ii) It automatically (default value) enters the label or caption to the field in a Form or in a Repot.
    iii) We can edit the caption according to our requirement. 
    iv)  The caption property stores the text that displays on the report
    v) The caption property is also available in the table and form design views.

    i) Validation Rule validates data when a data in a field is added or changed or when you save a record. 
    Validation Text specifies the text of the message that appears if the field, control or record doesn’t satisfy the conditions listed in the Validation Rule setting.
    ii) If you set the Validation Rule property, but not the Validation Text Property, Ms_Access displays a standard error message when the validation rule is violated.
    i) With Validation Rule and Validation Text properties, we can help the user to enter the validate data.

    g) In MS_Access field properties that allow zero length are:
    i) Text, Memo and hyperlink.
    ii) Null is also a legal empty value.
    iii) If the user does not have any value, it can put null in the field.

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  • Q3

    a) What is a Home Page? Explain briefly.  (1)

    b) represents an ______ (1)

    c) Give one advantage of Electronic Mail over ordinary mailing method.   (1)

    d) What is a Web Server and how is it related to Web Page?   (1)

    e) Name one Internet Service Provider in India.  (1)

    f) What is the function of FTP?     (1)

    g) Give the full Form of following terms:   (2)
         i) HTTP
        ii) URL

    h) Mr. Lal owns a factory which manufactures automobile spare parts. Suggest him the advantages of having a web page for his factory.   (2)


    a)   i) This is the main page of a Web site.
    Home page is the introductory or first page of a Website. When a web site is opened, its home page is displayed.

    ii) This page basically is a welcome page of the website, which tells little about your website.

    b) represents an email address.

    c)    The advantages of email are:
    i) Email enables speedy communication.

       ii) Low cost way to transmit messages.

         iii) Email messages are always easy to locate.

         iv) It saves time.

    d)    i) Web Server contains all the webpage of a website.

    ii) Whenever client requests for a page, the server sends the page to the client.

    iii) It always displays the page with the help of browser.

    e)   The Internet Service Provider in India are:

              i) BSNL-Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

              ii) VSNL-Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited.

    f)   i) FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

          ii) It has the following functions:
    Used to copy a file from one host to another over a
     TCP/IP based network.
    b) We upload the files on the server by using FTP.

    g)   The full form of:

    i) HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol.

    ii) URL  - Uniform Resource Locator.

    h)  If Mr. Lal  makes his company’s website, it will serve the following advantages :

    i)      i) The company can publish its business, service or products to millions of potential customers.

    ii) Having a website can increase Mr Lal sales.  

    iii) He can update the website with the latest news or prices.

    iv) It advertises and publishes on the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

    v) Websites make it easier for customers to do business with you.

    vi) You can use your website to network with other companies and build better business relationships.

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  • Q4

    a) Give an example of Empty element in HTML. (1)

    b)  What is the function of < HTML > tag?      (1)

    c)   Explain ALINK attribute used in HTML. (1)

    d)   Give the function of Home Button on the Tool
    Bar of the browser window.  (1)

    e) Explain the following statement:   (2)
    < HR SIZE = 5 ALIGN = “RIGHT” WIDTH= 60 >

    f) Explain the following with the help of an example: (2)
        i) < B > ……….. < /B >
       ii) < OL TYPE = 10 >

    g) What is the output of the following segment of the HTML code?    (2)

    < BODY >
    < HR WIDTH = 50% >
    < LI > MANGO
    < LI > APPLE
    < LI > GRAPES
    < /UL >
    < /BODY >

    h)   What does the following code do?   (2)
    < A HREF http://WWW.INDIA.COM> Connect to India < /A >


    a) i) Empty element has just a starting tag but not the ending tag.
         ii) They just carryout their specific job.
         Example: < HR > - insert horizontal line.
                         < BR > - break a line.

    i) < HTML > tag describes the webpage.
          ii) It contains all the tags in it.
         iii) By using this tag and other tags of HTML, we can create our webpage.

    i) The ALINK attribute specifies the color of an active link in a document.
         ii) ALINK is activated when it is clicked.
            Example: < body alink="red" > 

    Like on other windows we have home button on web browser also, this button takes you to the page that has been designated as your "home" page.
    iii) Some web browser does not show the home button, you just have to change the setting to that home button.

       < HR SIZE=5 ALIGN= ”RIGHT” WIDTH=60 >
    The HR tag produces a horizontal line spread across the width of the browser window. Size attribute gives value in terms of pixels. Align attribute gives RIGHT alignment to the line and length of horizontal line is defined with width attribute.

    i) This tag < B > < /B > is used to make the letters bold. 
         ii) The type attribute specifies which kind of bullet points will be used in an ordered list. E.g., a, I, i etc.  
                  < html > 
                         < body > 
    < B >List of Beverages :< /B > 
    < !--It shows the List of Beverages: in bold.-- >
                              < OL TYPE="10" > < ! --The bullet type is 1- >
                                      < li >Coffee< /li >
                                < li >Tea< /li > 
                                      < li >Milk< /li > 
                                < /OL > 
                         < /body > 
                  < /html >

           OUTPUT:  List of Beverages:
            1. Coffee
            2. Tea
            3. Milk



    i) A hyperlink (link) is a word, group of words or image that you can click on and jump to a new document/new section within the current document.
    ii) When you move the cursor over a link in a Web page, the arrow will turn into a little hand.
    Example:< A HREF http://WWW.INDIA.COM > Connect to India< /A >
    If you click on the above address, it will open the website

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