Foundation of Information Technology:2014:CBSE:[All India]: Set - I

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  • Q1

    Fill in the blanks:    
    (a)  __________ is the general term to refer to infectious software such as virus, worm, spyware etc.
    ______ is a program that appears harmless but actually performs malicious functions.
    ________ is a code attached to an electronic message to provide it unique identity.
    XML attribute should always be enclosed in ___________.
    The tag to start a table is ___________.
    _________ tag is used to connect web pages.
    HR tag is used for ________.
    tag is used for _______ images.
    _____________ tag is used to bring the text to a new line.
    An XML document can have only one  ______ element.



    (a) Malware
    (b) Trojan Horse

    (c) Digital signature

    (d) quotes

    (e) < table >

    (f) < a >

    (g) horizontal rule

    (h) inserting

    (i) < br >

    (j) root

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  • Q2

    State true or false:
    (a) < P > tag has no closing tag.
    (b) HTML is about displaying information while XML is about describing information.
    (c) The default alignment of image is right.
    (d) DTD is a set of rules that defines what tags appear in HTML document.
    (e) Spyware is software that spies on a user’s activities on computer and reports it.
    (f) Backup is duplication of data for restoring purpose at a later time.
    (g) XML is case sensitive.
    (h) Alt attribute with < img > tag is used for alternate image.
    (i) Cellpadding attribute is used with < td > tag.
    (j) There must be only one < body > tag in each web page.



    (a) True

    (b) True

    (c) False

    (d) False

    (e) True

    (f) True

    (g) True

    (h) False

    (i) False

    (j) True

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  • Q3

    Answer the following questions:
    (a) What does antivirus software do? 2
    (b) Write one point of difference between online backup and offline backup. 2
    (c) Write the HTML code to create a link for school.jpg located at c: . 2
    (d) Write the full forms of : 2
    (i) XML
    (ii) DTD
    (iii) < vlink >
    (iv) < BR >
    (e) Write the html code to create a table with border of 2px in your web page. 2
    (f) Name the attributes of < A > tag which are used for internal linking in a web page. 2


    (a) Antivirus software is a computer software/program that is used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software.
    (b) Offline backup is a database backup performed when the database is disconnected from the network. In other words, offline and thus not accessible for updating.
    In contrast, online backup is a method of offsite data storage in which files, folders, or the entire contents of a hard drive are regularly backed up on a remote server or computer with a network connection.





    On clicking ‘Link 1’, the image would appear.



    (i) EXtensible Markup Language

    (ii) Document Type Definition

    (iii) Visited Link

    (iv) Break



    (f) name and href

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  • Q4

    Multiple choice questions (Choose most appropriate option):


    (i) Which of the following is not a valid value for align attribute of < img >?

    (a) top

    (b) middle

    (c) bottom

    (d) center


    (ii) Which tag is used to add columns to tables?

    (a) < colspan >

    (b) < td >

    (c) < tr >

    (d) All of the above



    (iii) Which tag tells where a link starts?

    (a) < l >

    (b) < start >

    (c) < a >

    (d) None of the above


    (iv) Which one of the following is the list type that will create a bulleted list?

    (a) Unordered

    (b) Ordered

    (c) Definition

    (d) All of the above


    (v) Choose the correct syntax to create an email link
    (a) < A href = "" >
    (b) < A href = "" >
    (c) < mail = " " >
    (d) < A mail = "" >


    (vi) In order to add border to a table, border attribute is specified in which tag?
    (a) < TH >
    (b) < table >
    (c) < TD >
    (d) < TR >


    (vii) Which of the following XML fragments are well formed?

    (a) < element attribute = value >

    (b) < element attribute = "value" >

    (c) < element attribute = !value >

    (d) < element attribute = 'value' >


    (viii) XML document can be viewed in

    (a) word processor

    (b) web browser

    (c) notepad

    (d) all of the above


    (ix) How is an empty element defined in XML ?

    (a) < name >< /name >

    (b) < name/ >

    (c) < name / >

    (d) All of the above


    (x) DTD definition is used along with XML to specify

    (a) the presentation of XML document

    (b) the links with other documents

    (c) the structure of XML document

    (d) None of the above


    (xi) The tags that require a starting as well as ending tag are called

    (a) Pair element

    (b) Empty element

    (c) Container element

    (d) Twin element


    (xii) Which of the following will give largest size of text?

    (a) < h3 >

    (b) < h6 >

    (c) < h2 >

    (d) < h4 >


    (xiii) rowspan=n can be added to only which tag?
    (a) < hr >
    (b) < table >
    (c) < td >
    (d) < tr >


    (xiv) The programmers that break into secure systems for malicious purpose are

    (a) crackers

    (b) hackers

    (c) breakers

    (d) burglars


    (xv) A good way to safeguard access to your computers is to ___________ protect it.
    (a) deadbolt
    (b) copyright
    (c) safemode
    (d) password


    (xvi) The electronic equivalent of junk mail is known as
    (a) adware
    (b) cyber fraud
    (c) spam
    (d) packets


    (xvii) Attribute for choosing type of font is
    (a) Character
    (b) Face
    (c) Font
    (d) Type


    (xviii) The document structure elements of HTML page is
    (a) HTML
    (b) BODY
    (c) HEAD
    (d) All of the above


    (i) center

    (ii) < tr >

    (iii) < a >

    (iv) Unordered

    (v) < A href = >

    (vi) < table >

    (vii) < element attribute = "value" >
    < element attribute = 'value' >

    (viii) web browser

    (ix) < name/ >

    (x) None of the above

    (xi) Container element

    (xii) < h2 >

    (xiii) < td >

    (xiv) crackers

    (xv) password

    (xvi) spam

    (xvii) Face

    (xviii) HTML

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  • Q5

    Answer the following questions:

    (a) Draw the XML tree for the code given below: 5

    < employees >

    < employee sex="male" >

    < name >

    < first > Harry< /first >

    < last > Potter< /last >

    < /name >

    < /employee >

    < employee sex="female" >

    < name >

    < first >Linda < /first >

    < last > Ray < /last >

    < /name >

    < /employee >

    < /employees >

    (b) Observe the following table and write the HTML code to generate it : 5

          Note: 1st row has pink background.

    (i) Give any two shortcomings of online purchase. 2

    (ii) What is encryption of data? 2

    (iii) Name one antivirus software/tool. 1

    (d) Identify which of the following is a tag or an attribute? 5

    (i) link

    (ii) table

    (iii) align

    (iv) href

    (v) br







    (i) The two shortcomings of online purchase are as follows:
    • Online shopping doesn’t permit you to touch the product, try it on yourself, and take the item the same day you’ve purchased it.
    There is also a great possibility that you get scammed by fraud sellers who makes online stores for the purpose of stealing money from online consumers.
    (i) Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted file, you must have access to a secret key or password that enables you to decrypt it. Unencrypted data is called plain text; encrypted data is referred to as cipher text.

    (ii) Norton Antivirus

    (i) Link – It is a tag.
    (ii) table - It is a tag.
    (iii) align – It is an attribute.
    (iv) href – It is an attribute.
    (v) br – It is a tag.

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  • Q6

    Do as directed:

    (a) Observe the following web page and write HTML code to generate it.                           10

    Note the following points while generating the web page:

    • Background colour of page is yellow

    • Link colour is black and visited link colour is green

    • Font style for the page is Arial

    • Heading of the page is maroon

    • Image used is mainrhino.png

    • Table border is 2px

    • Use links as:

    For Whooping crane as one.html

    For White Rhino as two.html

    For Sumatran Rhino as three.html

    For Toucan as four.html

    email id for bottom message is 

    (b) XML document structure can be divided in which two parts? What is meant by valid XML document (write three points)? Write the code to create an XML document to present following data:                              10



    (b) There are two categories of XML documents: well formed and valid.

    Valid documents:

    • Valid XML document must be well-formed.

    Valid XML document must have a Document Type Definition (DTD).

    Valid XML document must satisfy with the constraints specified in the DTD. 

    < employees >
    < employee >
        < name > Shrishti < /name >
        < job > Programmer < /job >
        < department > Engineering < /department >
        < cubicle > 5E < /cubicle >

    < details >

        < name > Aditi < /name >

       < job > Designer < /job >
       < department > Marketing < /department >
       < cubicle > 19T < /cubicle >

    < /employee >

    < /employees >

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