Foundation of Information Technology:2017:CBSE:[All India]:SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT -II

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  • Q1

    Fill in the blanks:

    (a) You need a_______ to create and edit an XML document.     

    (b)  _________are used to connect web pages.  

    (c)  The default alignment of an image is_____________.
    (d) In HTML, while creating a table, we cannot use background attribute with __________ tag.
    (e) To increase space between two cells, _______ attribute should be used.
    (f)  A website which allows you to share opinion and discuss topics in the form of an online journal is called as____________.                                                               

    (g)  ______________is a type of malware that is installed on a user's computer and collects information about the users without their consent and knowledge.
    (h)  A_______________ is a technical person who breaks through the system's security with malicious intentions.
    (i)   ____________is business in online environment.     

    (j)   _____________protects a server, a network and an individual PC from attack by viruses from other systems.


    (a) Text Editor or NOTEPAD or Sublime Editor OR any other correct Text Editor’s name

    (b) Hyperlink /href/External Link/Target

    (c) Inline/Left

    (d) THead

    (e) Cellspacing

    (f) Blog/News Group/Online Forum/Social Networking/Online Bulletin Board/all other answers with similar purpose

    (g) Spyware OR Trojan Horse

    (h) Cracker

    (i) E-Commerce

    (j) Firewall OR Antivirus

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  • Q2

    State True or False:

    (a) The HTML tag for inline image is < img >.

    (b) Physical structure refers to different parts of a document i.e., how a document is built.                                              

    (c)  A table's background colour can be specified using background color attribute.
    (d)  < TD > is a container tag.    
    (e)  The default font size is 5.
    (f)  < caption > tag gives heading to a table.
    (g)  To avoid spam, never click on links that come from someone you do not know.
    (h)  XML uses DTD to describe the data.
    (i) A worm is a program designed to replicate.
    (j) Unsolicited bulk emails are called spams.


    (a) True
    (b) True

    (c) False
    (d) True
    (e) False
    (f) True
    (g) True
    (h) True
    (i) True
    (j) True

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  • Q3

    Short Answer Questions:

    (a) Write the HTML code to display an image on the right side of a page.                                                

    (b) Write any two precautions to avoid spam.                 

    (c)  Write the attributes of < img > tag which are used for specifying its dimensions in web page.                              

    (d) Write the full forms of the following:                         

    (i) ISP  

    (ii) HTML     

    (iii) < OL >   

    (iv) < BR >

    (e) Sujata is a reporter in a news agency. Her job demands for travelling to different parts of the country and giving all information to back office. What type of Internet connection would you suggest to her to send the information in minimum time? Name anyone Indian ISP.          
    (f) Name any two Internet protocols.                               


    (a) < img src=”image.jpg” align=”right” >


    Never click on links that come from unknown sources.

    Never, ever reply to a spam message.

    Don't forward an email from someone you don't know to a list of people.

    Use a spam filter.



    (i) Internet Service Provider

    (ii) Hypertext Markup Language

    (iii) Ordered List

    (iv) Line Break OR Break

    (e) Wireless Internet Connection OR WiFi MTNL, BSNL, Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone OR any other correct ISP name
    (f)FTP, HTTP, IMAP, POP, SMTP, Telnet, TCP, IP, IPv4, IPv6, PPP

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  • Q4

    Short Answer Questions:
    (a)  Draw the XML tree for the following code
    (b)  Observe the following table and write the HTML code to generate it:


    (c) In a small office network, to protect every computer from hackers, virus or worm, what should be done? What is Firewall? Name any one software for each of the following categories:               

    (i) Text Editor

    (ii) Internet Browser        

    (d)  Identify which of the following is a tag or an attribute:   
    (i) HR   

    (ii) BR  

    (iii) p   

    (iv) align            

    (v) Text             

    (vi) Noshade                                       

    (e)  Use the keywords given below to complete the paragraph Browser, Website, Web page, Web address, HTML, HTTP

    Meghna wants to access Internet. She opens_______ and then types the______ of_______ which consists of multiple ________.     




    (c) Firewall OR Antivirus should be installed.

    Firewall: A security system (hardware/software) that prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to a computer network

    (i) NOTEPAD OR SUBLIME Text Editor OR Any other correct Text Editor name


    (d) (i) TAG

    (ii) TAG

    (iii) TAG

    (iv) ATTRIBUTE


    (vi) ATTRIBUTE

    (e) Browser, Web Address OR URL, Website, Web Pages

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  • Q5

    (a) Observe the following output and write the HTML code to generate it.

    Consider the following points while generating the web page:     

                  •The title of the page is "e-Shopping"                

                  •The heading is in red colour                               

                  •Text colour is maroon                                         

                  •Font of the entire document is Arial                  

                  •Image used is "images.jpg"                               

                  •The pages linked are:                                         

                                       •Clothing & Accessories to "cloth.html"             

                                       •Household Appliances to ''house.html''            

                                       •Grocery to "grocery .html"                                 

                  •Bottom message is of size 2


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  • Q6

    Multiple Choice Questions (Choose the most appropriate option)  18
    (a) To display numbers in a list, which tag(s) is/are used?    

    (i) < ol >                                                                              

    (ii)< ul >                                                                              

    (iii) Both of them                                                                

    (iv) None of the above                                                      


    (b) Which of these tags is/are used with < Table > tag? 

    (i) < TR >                                                                             

    (ii)< TD >                                                                             

    (iii)< TH >                                                                           

    (iv) All of the above                                                            


    (c)  Which attribute(s) is/are used to merge rows?

    (i)  Rowspan

    (ii) Colspan

    (iii) Both of them

    (iv) None of the above                                                      


    (d) Is this a well formed XML document?

    < ?xml version = "1.0"? >

    < mail >

    < to > Raman< /to >

    < from > Rajeev< /from >

    < /mail >

    (i) Yes  

    (ii) No  

    (iii) Can't say                                                                       

    (iv) None of the above                                                       


    (e) Which of the following is/are attributes of < TR > Tag?

    (i) Text

    (ii) Colour

    (iii) Align

    (iv) All of the above


    (f)  To start a list with alphabet "E" which line should be used?

    (i) < ol type="A" >                                                             

    (ii) < ol type="A" start= "5" >

    (iii) < ol type="E" >

    (iv) < ol start="E" >


    (g) How do we write comment in XML ?

    (i) < ?---comment- >

    (ii) < ! - - comment - - >

    (iii) < Comment >

    (iv ) None of the above


    (h) A valid XML document means

    (i) The document has root element

    (ii) The document has one or more root elements

    (iii) Root element is not essential

    (iv) Can't say


    (i) Copy of data that can be used to restore and recover data is

    (i) The copied data

    (ii) Backup

    (iii) Restoration data

    (iv) None of the above                                                       


    (j)  A Firewall is

    (i)  Used to protect a computer room from flood and fire

    (ii) form of virus

    (iii) A screen saver

    (iv) None of the above                                                       


    (k) Which points should one consider to choose a password ?

    (i) It should be short

    (ii) It should be long

    (iii) It should be your name

    (iv) None of the above


    (l)  A ________ keeps your computer safe by confirming who is trying to access it.

    (i) Firewall

    (ii) Lock

    (iii) Gate

    (iv) Safe   


    (m) Which is a correct XML element?

    (i)  < H1 >

    (ii)< To Do >

    (iii) < Name >

    (iv)< ?name >                                                                     


    (n) A virus can damage

    (i)  Internet connectivity

    (ii) Software

    (iii) Hardware

    (iv)None of the above                                                        


    (o) Which tag leaves a blank line?

    (i) < Hr >

    (ii) < Br >

    (iii)< Line >

    (iv) < empty >                                                                    




    (p) Alt attribute is used to display an image in a web browser.

    (i) Yes

    (ii) No

    (iii) Can't say

    (iv)None of the above                                                        


    (q) HTML uses

    (i) Predefined Tags

    (ii) User defined Tags

    (iii) Both of them

    (iv) All of the above                                                            


    (r) To start a list with default " " which is the correct syntax ?

    (i) < ul type="A" >

    (ii) < ul type="disc" >

    (iii) < ol type="circle" >

    (iv) < ol start="circle" >


    (a) (i)< ol >

    (b) (iv)All of the above

    (c) (i)Rowspan

    (d) (i)Yes

    (e) (iii)Align

    (f) (ii)< ol type="A" start= "5" >

    (g) (i)< ?---comment- >

    (h) (i)The document has root element

    (i) (ii)Backup

    (j) (iv)None of the above

    (k) (iv)None of the above

    (l) (i)Firewall

    (m) (iii)< Name >

    (n) (ii)Software

    (o) (ii)< Br >

    (p) (ii)No

    (q) (i)Predefined Tags

    (r) (ii)< ul type="disc" >

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