Foundation of Information Technology:2017:CBSE:[Delhi]:SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT - II

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  • Q1

    Fill in the blanks:
    (a) In XML an element which has no content is termed as _________.                                                                                          
    (b) A tag that requires an opening as well as a closing tag is called a _________tag.                 
    (c) The_________tag provides additional information including title, scripts used, etc. about a webpage.                   
    (d) ____________tag make a numbered list.                 
    (e) ____________tag is used for inserting a background image.  
    (f) For displaying coloured text ____________ tag is used. 
    (g) Any software designed to harm the computer, or disturb its normal operations is known as __________.
    (h) You can make use of an__________ software to detect the presence of virus.                                                                      
    i) Quick heal is a type of____________.                         
    (j) ________is a tricky application that appears to be legitimate and useful at first glance.


    (a) Empty

    (b) Container

    (c) Head

    (d) OL

    (e) Body

    (f) Font OR Body

    (g) Malware OR Virus OR Spyware

    (h) Antivirus

    (i) Antivirus

    (j) Trojan Horse

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  • Q2

    State True or False:

    (a) An attribute defines a property of the element.        

    (b) XML elements can be defined as building blocks of an XML.       

    (c) HTML tags tell a web browser how to render a web page.

    (d) SRC attribute specifies an alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be display.                                             

    (e) A hyperlink apply to text only.                                    

    (f) tags always need to come at the start of a column.  

    (g) Unsolicited email attachments should not be opened as they can be dangerous.                                                      

    (h) Always use a same password for each website you log in to.  

    (i) Avoid pirated software as they are a security risk.
    (j) Spyware is type of malicious program.


    (a) True

    (b) True

    (c) True

    (d) False

    (e) False

    (f) False

    (g) True

    (h) False

    (i) True

    (j) True

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  • Q3

    Short Answer Questions:                                                    

    (a) What is the difference between cellspacing and cellpadding attribute?  

    (b) Write any two precautions to avoid spam.            

    (c) Write the HTML code to display image with red border.  

    (d) Write the full forms of:
    (i) WWW                                                                              

    (ii) FTP  

    (iii) LI   

    (iv) HR  

    (e) Internet is a series of interconnected computers throughout the world.

    (i) Name any one of the services that is offered on internet.  

    (ii) Name any one of the internet service provider.     

    (f) Mr. Gupta is a farmer who is using internet to improve his crop production. He uses a search engine to collect the information. 

    (i) Explain what is a search engine.                                  

    (ii) Give example of search engine.


    (a) Cellspacing: Set the space between the cells

    Cellpadding: Sets the space between cell wall and its content

    (b) Never click on links that come from unknown sources. Never, ever reply to a spam message. Don't forward an email from someone you don't know to a list of people. Use a spam filter.

    (c) < img src=”b.jpg” border=1 bordercolor=red >

    (d) (i) WWW - World Wide Web

    (ii) FTP- File Transfer Protocol

    (iii) LI- List Item

    (iv) HR- Horizontal Rule

    (e) (i) eCommerce, eBusiness, eMail, WebBrowsing, eLearning, eGovernance

    (ii) BSNL, MTNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular, Reliance Communications, Aircel, Tata Teleservices, Telenor India, Videocon, Atria Convergence Technologies

    (f) Search engine is web based program that searches for and identifies items in a database that corresponds to keywords or characters specified by user.

    Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL, ASK, Escite, DuckDuckGo, WolframAlpha, Yandex, Lycos, chacha

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  • Q4

    Short Answer Questions:

    a) Draw the XML tree for the following code: [5]

        < Building >                                                                  

                   < Furniture >                                                       

    < Wooden > 24 < / Wooden >                            

    < Plastic > 50< / Plastic >                                  

    < / Furniture >                                                    

    < Furniture >                                                       

    < Wooden >24< / Wooden >                             

    < Plastic > 50< / Plastic >                                  

    < / Furniture >

        < / Building >                                                                 

    (b) Observe the following table and write the HTML code to generate it.   [5]

    (c)What is the meaning of backup and why is it essential? Name any four devices to take data backup. [5]       

    (d)Identify which of the following is a tag or an attribute: [3]

    (i) Img 

    (ii) A    

    (iii) Align                                                                             

    (iv) Color                                                                             

    (v) Font                                                                               

    (vi) Noshade                                                                                                                                                

    (e) Sunila works in a MNC and works online from home also. She needs a fast internet connection. Which type of internet connection is best suited for her? Also she needs to upload and download the files from remote sites. Which protocol will help her to perform this activity? [2]




    c) Backup refers to copying and archiving data/information into an external permanent storage. It is essential as we can restore original data in case of loss or accidental damage of data.

    HARD DISK, CD, DVD, Pen Drive, SD Card, Magnetic Tapes, Cloud, Google Cloud

    d) (i) Img - TAG

    (ii) A - TAG

    (iii) Align - Attribute

    (iv) Color - Attribute

    (v) Font - TAG

    (vi) Noshade – Attribute

    e) DSL OR Broadband OR WiFi FTP

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  • Q5

    Long Answer Question:                                                     
    (a) Observe the following output and write HTML code to generate it:

    Consider the following points while generating the web page:     

    • The title of the page is "Shopping"                 

    • The heading is in red colour                             

    • Text colour is maroon                                       

    • Font of entire document is Arial                      

    • Image used is "bazar.jpg"                               

    • The pages linked are :                                      

        Clothing & Accessories to "cloth.html"           

        Household Appliances to "house.html"        

        Grocery to "grocery.html"                             

    • Bottom message is of size                             



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  • Q6

    Multiple Choice Questions (Choose most appropriate option):

    (i) Is it easier to process XML than HTML ?

    (a) Yes           

    (b) No

    (c) Sometimes

    (d) Can't say


    (ii) Well formed XML document means

    (a) It contains a root element

    (b) It contain an element

    (c) It contains one or more elements

    (d) Must contain one or more elements and root element must contain all other elements


    (iii) Which of the following strings are a correct XML name?

    (a) myElement

    (b) my Element

    (c) #myElement

    (d) None of the above


    (iv) XML uses the features of

    (a) HTML       

    (b) XHTML

    (c) VML

    (d) SGML


    (v) How can we make attributes have multiple values:

    (a) < myElement myAttribute="valuel value2" / >

    (b) < myElement myAttribute="value 1 " myAttribute="value2"/ >

    (c) < myElement myAttribute="valuel, value2"/ >

    (d) attributes cannot have multiple values


    (vi) The use of a DTD in XML development is :

    (a) required when validating XML documents

    (b) no longer necessary after the XML editor has been customized
    (c) used to direct conversion using an XSLT processor
    (d) A good guide to populating a templates to be filled in when generating an XML document automatically


    (vii) < b > tag makes the enclosed text bold. What is other tag to make text bold ?
    (a) < strong >
    (b) < dar >
    (c) < black >
    (d) < emp >                                                                         


    (viii) Which tag allows you to add a row in a table?
    (a) < td > and < /td >
    (b) < cr > and < /cr >
    (c) < th > and < /th >                                                        
    (d) < tr > and < /tr >                                                         


    (ix) What is the correct HTML tag for adding a background color?
    (a) < body color="yellow" >
    (b) < body bgcolor="yellow" >
    (c) < background >yellow< / background >
    (d) < body background="yellow" >                                    


    (x) Choose the correct HTML tag for the smallest size heading?

    (a) < heading >
    (b) < h6 >
    (c) < h1 >
    (d) < head >


    (xi)What is the correct HTML tag for inserting a line break?
    (a) < br >
    (b) < lb >
    (c) < break >
    (d) < newline >                                                                   


    (xii)Which of the following is not a pair tag?
    (a) < p >
    (b) < u >
    (c) < i >
    (d) < img >

    (xiii)To create HTML document you require a
    (a) Web page editing software
    (b) High powered computer
    (c) Just a notepad can be used
    (d) None of the above

    (xiv)HTML documents are saved in
    (a) Special binary format
    (b) Machine language codes
    (c) ASCII text
    (d) None of the above

    (xv)What have caused the rise in computer crimes and new methods of committing old computer crimes?
    (a) Increased use of computer and expansion of the internet and its services.
    (b) New security methods of detecting computer crimes.
    (c) Creation of new software.
    (d) World wide web.

    (xvi) What is a worm?
    (a) A weakness in security system that never copies itself into a computer's memory until no more space is left.
    (b) A program that uses computer networks and security holes to copy itself in the computer memory until no more memory is left.      
    (c) Attaches itself to e-mails.
    (d) Corrupts or replaces boot sector instructions.

    (xvii) How are viruses spread?
    (a) Through firewalls
    (b) Downloading infected programs and files from internet
    (c) Garbled information
    (d) Install anti-virus

    (xviii) How do users prevent and protect themselves against viruses?
    (a) Do not open e-mail attachments, use an OS that has virus security features, scan other users' media storage devices before using them on your computer.
    (b) Missing files or folders should be deleted.     
    (c) Files with weird and obscene messages should not be stored.
    (d) Delete unwanted SPAM from your computer.


    i) (a) Yes

    ii) (d) Must contain one or more elements and root element must contain all other elements

    iii) (a) myElement

    iv) (d) SGML

    v) (d) attributes cannot have multiple values

    vi) (a) required when validating XML documents

    vii) (a) < strong >

    viii) (d) < tr > and < /tr >

    ix) (b) < body bgcolor="yellow" >

    x) (b) < h6 >

    xi) (a) < br >

    xii) d) < img >

    xiii) (c) Just a notepad can be used

    xiv) (c) ASCII text

    xv) (a) Increased use of computer and expansion of the internet and its services.

    xvi) (b) A program that uses computer networks and security holes to copy itself in the computer memory until no more memory is left.

    xvii) (b) Downloading infected programs and files from internet

    xviii) (a) Do not open e-mail attachments, use an OS that has virus security features, scan other users' media storage devices before using them on your computer.

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