Geography: 2005: CBSE: [All India]: Set – II

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  • Q1

    Distinguish between shifting cultivation and sedentary agriculture by stating three points of each.             3x1=3


    The differences between the two are as follows:


    Shifting Agriculture
    Sedentary Agriculture
    1. In this type of agriculture, forests are burnt to make fields and to plant crops by using simple tools.
    1. It is the first form of agriculture with permanent fields.
    2. This type of agricultural activity is mostly done in the tropical areas.
    2. This type of agricultural activity is done in the fertile river valleys of the world.
    3. As the soil gets exhausted after few years of cultivation, the fields are left and new clearings are made in the forest.
    3. This type of agriculture is practiced in the areas of favourable climatic conditions and fertile soil. 

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  • Q2

    Why are pipelines used extensively in the world to transport commodities such as mineral oil and natural gas? Explain three reasons for it.        3x1=3


    Pipelines are extensively used for the transportation of mineral and natural gas. The reasons are:


    1. Pipelines can be laid down in hilly areas without major difficulties and it is helpful in the transportation of liquid mineral. No external source of energy is needed in pipeline transportation.
    2. This mode of transport ensures uninterrupted flow. The operation and maintenance cost is low.
    3. They are energy efficient and environment friendly.

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  • Q3

    Describe the importance of service sector in the economic development of the world by giving three suitable examples.       3x1=3


    Service sector is an important sector in any economy in the world. In the service sector, finance, insurance, public relation, transport, communication etc. are included.


    1. This sector provides more job and employment opportunities. Some of the countries like U.K.and USA are providing job opportunities in this sector and people around the world are moving towards these countries.

    2. The service sector is a global sector and people are willing to work in this sector.

    3. People in the service sector earn more income especially in services like health care, entertainment and transport.

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  • Q4

    What is the role of sea port in the foreign trade of India? Write any three points in this regard.                             3x1=3


    A port is a facility at the edge of an ocean, river or lake for receiving ships and transferring cargo and persons. Ports have specially-designed equipment to help in the loading and unloading of  vessels. 


    1. Indian Ports are the gateways to India's international trade by sea and are handling over 90% of foreign trade.
    2. Seaports help in increasing India's share in global exports and imports.
    3. Seaports, also play an important role in attracting the foreign industries as sea routes are the cheapest means of transportation of heavy goods.

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  • Q5

    From the given outline map of India answer the following: 3x1=3

    a. Industrial region No. 2 with its name.
    b. Industrial region No. 4 with its name.


    a. Hugli industrial region

    b. Gujarat industrial region

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  • Q6

    State three main aspects of human environment which are studied in human geography.                                    3x1=3


    Three aspects which are studied in human environment are as follow:


    1. Determinism: Determinism is an approach which studies physical influence on the organism in general and human beings in particular. It studies man’s reaction with respect to the environmental forces and considers nature as a dominant factor.

    2. Possibilism: This approach is totally against the determinism approach which considers man’s dominance over nature and formulates that man can change the nature according to his needs.

    3. Neo-determinism: This approach states that man's role is just of an advisor but not as an interpreter in nature’s arrangement. Griffith Taylor propounded this concept.

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  • Q7

    Describe three points regarding the importance of quaternary activities in the rapid economic development of a country.            3x1=3


    Quaternary sector is the future of the activities in the world. It has become very important in the development and growth. The importance of the quaternary activities is as follows:


    1. Research and development: Research and developmental activities are the main activities of the quaternary activities. These activities are characterised by the high income and high thoughtful activities.

    2. Revolutionary information technology: In this category, revolutionary technology generating activities come which give birth to high technology based industries which are knowledge based. These industries are found in the developed countries at present.

    3. Genetic engineering: Genetic engineering has its application in health care, medicine, transportation and manufacturing which are the most important components of development.

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  • Q8

    Describe any three economic problems faced by the Indian agriculture at present.              3x1=3


    Indian agriculture has come through many ups and downs in the developmental process. Nowadays, the major problems faced by the Indian agriculture are:

    1. Loans: Loans are not easily available to farmers of low income groups. Due to unavailability of loans and high interest rate, they are not able to invest in developed agricultural technologies and other facilities.

    2. Growing pressure of population on crops: Growing pressure of population on the crops is another major problem faced by the Indian agriculture in India at present.

    3. Lack of transport facilities: Sufficient amount of transportation facilities are not available to the farmers in India. Even proper roads are not built which can connect the villages to market areas.

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  • Q9

    Why is Mumbai called ‘a unique port’? Explain three reasons.        3x1=3


    Mumbai is called as a unique port because it is having various facilities. The following characteristics describe the uniqueness of the port:


    1. Biggest natural harbour: Mumbai has the biggest natural harbour in India.

    2. Industrial development: Mumbai played a vital role in the development of industries in India. Cotton industry is a major industry which has developed here.

    3. Petroleum harbour: It mainly handles petroleum products and dry cargos.

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  • Q10

    Explain four type of cities based on functions by giving specific examples from India. 4x1=4





    There are various cities which are based on functions. Few examples are as follows:

    1. Educational town: These are the towns where main functions or activities are based on education or knowledge. Roorkee, Pilani etc. are the educational towns.
    2. Industrial town: The towns based on industrial activities are known as industrial towns. In India, Jamshedpur, Modi Nagar and Bhilai are some of the major industrial towns.
    3. Religious town: Based on the religious activities there are various towns in India. Allahabad, Haridwar and Varanasi are some of the major religious towns in India.
    4. Mining towns-These towns have developed in mineral rich areas such as Raniganj, Jharia, Digboi, Ankaleshwar, Singrauli, etc.


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