Special Features

The adaptive learning feature by Extramarks is an advanced level feature that makes the learning process dynamic and interactive for learners. Adaptive learning considers the previous performance levels and places the student at the center of his or her individual learning experience. This method monitors the students’ performance and modifies the teaching process to suit his/her requirements in the best possible way.


SCHEDULE: A well organized study schedule helps a great deal in achieving planned goals. Extramarks scheduler is an effective tool that gives you the freedom to plan your studies as per the learning and curricular needs. You can create a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. To make a study schedule, you have to simply choose a subject or chapter and drag it to a particular date of the calendar. Alerts about daily schedule and those overdue are flashed in ‘Progress’, to help you stick to the study plan. At the end of a planned schedule you can view the complete status in the Progress report. Parents and Mentors can also view and create schedules to help or advise learners.

To make a schedule:

  • Click on “SCHEDULE”
  • When the calendar page opens, simply select any subject you wish to add to your schedule.
  • After clicking on the subject an additional information bar will open next to the subject list. All you have to do now is add the name of the topic you would like to schedule, add the start date and end date, then click on schedule.
  • You can also drag and drop chapters and drag them towards the desired date.

PROGRESS: The ‘Progress’ feature helps you and your mentors to track your progress through the curriculum. It gives a clear view of how much you have studied along with the number of chapters covered and how much you have scored. It also facilitates checking of scheduled plans by showing alerts about daily and overdue schedules. Based on these progress reports, you can get to know how effectively you have been able to follow your planned schedule.

Few easy steps to check your progress are:

  • Click on ‘PROGRESS’ and then ‘Reports’.
  • The page displays 3 sections- Coverage, Schedule & Performance.
  • Under the Coverage section, select the subject you want to measure your progress in.
  • The Subject Coverage Progress page opens up where you can check how much you have progressed in that particular subject.

MENTOR: Mentor is a unique feature of Extramarks that empowers you to choose your own mentor to help and guide you through your academic journey. A mentor could be a parent, a friend, subject matter expert, teacher or anyone that you wish to take guidance from. A mentor can access the learner’s schedule, progress and the entire Extramarks range of products. By constantly monitoring the learners schedule and progress, a mentor can clarify doubts, check test scores, assess their progress and even give tests to help learners reach their study goals.

To create a Mentor:

  • Click on ‘MENTOR’
  • When the drop down opens, click ‘ADD MENTOR’
  • Once the ‘My Mentor’ page opens up, click ADD MENTOR on the left hand side with a (+) sign
  • Fill in the details of your mentor and click on submit .
  • You can now take guidance from your chosen mentor who can track and supervise your performance by giving you tests and evaluating your performance.

GROUP: Collaborative learning is the best way of learning. For that very reason, Extramarks’ My Group’ feature makes learning more effective with Group study – where you can get to create your own groups or join other groups to share queries and search for answers with your very own friends and peers. The group is organized under three main tabs, to give a clear view of one’s Group Members, Memberships and Messages.
Members – displays the members of the group or groups that you have created
Membership – provides the membership information related to the different groups that you are a part of.
Messages – displays the messages that have been sent by friends and members of different groups.

Steps to create a Group:

  • Click on ‘MY GROUPS’
  • When the page opens, click on ‘ADD MEMBER’ on the left side with a (+) sign
  • The page will ask you to fill in the email address of the Member
  • Once you complete writing the email address, click on submit
  • You can add as many members you want and enjoy learning by sharing your notes and other group activities.

NOTES: Extramarks Notes is a wonderful feature that works in tandem with the concepts learnt. While learning new lessons, you can instantly add notes by clicking on the “Add Notes” button during the course of a lesson to record important points. The notes can be saved and accessed anytime through “My Notes” for further reference. This helps you to take references and even note down the queries that can be later posed.

Steps to create Notes:

  • Click on ‘Study’ and choose the board and then the class and the subject you want to go for.
  • Now select any learning module from the‘Learn’ feature.
  • While you are understanding your concepts through the learning modules, you can select ‘NOTES’ from the Add notes tab placed just above the modules.
  • You can now create your own notes and save it for future references.
  • To check your notes, go to the Homepage and select Notes from the right hand side column.
  • Click on ‘My notes’. Choose the subject and the chapter you had created notes for.
  • You can also edit or delete the notes as per your requirement.