Journal proper

  • Journal Proper is a residuary book after the sub-division of Journal and records only those transactions that cannot be recorded in any other subsidiary book.
  • Transactions recorded in journal are opening entry, closing entry, adjustment entries, transfer entries, rectifying entries and miscellaneous entries.
  • Opening entry is recorded at the beginning of a financial year to compute closing balances of various assets, liabilities and capital appearing in the Balance Sheet of previous accounting period, to the books of current accounting period.
  • Closing entry is passed at the end of the year to close accounts relating to expenses and revenues by transferring them to the Trading and P & L A/c.
  • Adjustment entry is passed in order to update ledger account on accrual basis, such entries that are made at the end of the accounting period, example, outstanding expenses, prepaid expenses, depreciation on fixed assets, interest on capital, etc.
  • Transfer entry is passed for transferring an amount or the balance of one account to another such as transferring the balance of Drawings A/c to Capital A/c. Rectifying entry is passed to rectify  errors while journalising, posting, totaling, balancing, etc.
  • Miscellaneous entries that are passed through Journal Proper are, purchase or sale of an asset on credit, writing off bad debts, discount allowed and discount received, abnormal loss of stock or other assets by fire, theft, etc., goods taken by proprietor for personal use, etc.

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  • Q1

    Journal proper records transactions for which __________ Journal is not maintained.




    In case of maintaining special purpose books, the transactions which are not recorded in the special books or special journals, are recorded in the General Journal or Journal Proper.

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  • Q2

    Old Plant sold for INR 10,000 to Harish, would be recorded in the


    Journal Proper.


    Plant has been sold on credit so it should be recorded in Journal Proper.

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  • Q3

    Rectified Entries are recorded in:


    Journal Proper


    The errors which are rectified are recorded in the Journal Proper.

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  • Q4

    What do you mean by Journal Proper?


    Journal Proper is a book maintained to record transactions, which do not find place in special journals.
    Following transactions are recorded in Journal Proper in case, when a firm maintained all specific journals:

    1. Opening entry at the beginning of the period;

    2. All adjustment entries such as prepaid, outstanding, accrued and advance, expenses and incomes;

    3. Rectification entries to rectify the errors in recording transactions;

    4. Transfer entries to transfer the closing balances; and

    5. All other entries which have not entered in any of the other books.

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  • Q5

    What is meant by a Journal Proper? Also mention some transactions which are recorded in Journal Proper.


    A Journal proper is used for recording those transactions which do not find a place in any other subsidiary book such as Cash Book, Purchases Book, Sales Book, Bills Payable Book, etc.
    Types of transactions which are recorded in Journal Proper are:
    a) Opening entry
    b) Closing Entry
    c) Adjustment Entries
    d) Rectifying Entries, etc.

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