Arrays and Strings

Introduction to Array

Array indexes always begin with zero. The elements of an array are accessed using integer-valued indices. In Java, the first element of an array always has index zero. The length of an array is fixed at the time of its creation. An array represents related entities having same data type in contiguou .... Read More

Searching and Sorting

An array is a collection of similar types of data elements. An array has a fixed:name, type and Length. The array is categorised into two types One dimensional array and Two dimensional array. Arrays’ sizes cannot be changed during the execution of the code. Searching is a method of locating speci .... Read More

Solving Systems of Linear Equations

In Mathematics, simultaneous equations are a set of equations containing multiple variables. This set of equations is often referred to as a system of equations. A linear system is a set of linear equations and a homogeneous linear system is a set of homogeneous linear equations. Matrices are helpfu .... Read More

Working with Strings

In Java, a group of characters is called a string. Three classes used for character data are Character Class, String Class and String-Buffer Class. The string class is used to create an object of a string and initialise it with a string literal.Once the object is initialised, its content cannot be m .... Read More

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