Classes in Java

Classes and Objects

In java, all data and functions are declared in a class. To declare a class, keyword class is used. Keyword class is followed by class name. Class is a collection of objects that contains a set of data items (Properties) and related functions (Behaviours). Class is a way to bind the data describing .... Read More

Creating and Using Objects

Class is a collection of different types of data elements and their associated behaviors and methods. The keyword ‘new’ is used to allocate space in the memory to store data. The constructor is used to initialise the class object. A constructor in a class is a special type of method called at th .... Read More

Visiblity Modifiers and Scope

In Java, the data members and methods are encapsulated together within a class. Java uses certain reserved words called modifiers that specify the properties of the data, methods, and classes and how they can be used. Java classes, fields, constructors and methods can have one of four different acce .... Read More

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