Number Conversion

Number System is a system of naming or representing numbers, as the decimal system or the binary system. Binary numbering systems are used in virtually all digital systems. The Decimal Number System is commonly known with people because it is frequently used in arithmetic and everyday life. All information that is processed by computers is converted in one way or another into a sequence of numbers. Digital computer represents all kinds of data and information in the binary system. The Binary Number System is also called Base 2 number system. Each digit or bit in binary number system can be 0 or 1. The Octal Decimal Number System also known as Base 8 number system. Since it uses digits 0 to 7. The Hexadecimal Number System also known as Base 16 number system. It consists of 16 digits from 0 to 9 and A to F.

In computing, the most significant bit (msb, also called the high-order bit) is the bit position in a binary number having the greatest value. The least significant bit is the lowest bit in a series. Many electronic and microcontroller projects require the use of a particular base numbering system. The numbers can be converted from one base to another. Converting octal to decimal can be done by showing each digit place as an increasing power of 8. To convert octal to binary, replace each octal digit by its binary representation.

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