Statements and their Scope

Programming Constructs

All programming languages utilise program constructs. They are used to control the order in which statements are executed. There are a number of programming constructs. The sequential statement does not contain any test condition. It refers to a series of statements that are performed in sequential .... Read More

Selection Statements

A program is a set of statements that are written to perform a task. Statements are the instructions given to the computer to perform an action. Control statements control the flow of the program execution either by repeating or skipping the set of statements based on the result of the test conditio .... Read More

Iteration Statements

Loops are classified into two types according to their type of iteration, i.e., fixed iteration and variable iteration. In fixed iteration, the statements are repeated for a fixed number of times. In variable iteration, the loop can be applied to a program where number of iterations is not fixed. A .... Read More

Jump Statements

Jump statements unconditionally transfer program control within a function. Java has three Jump statements: break, continue and return. Jump statement skips rest of the loops and jumps over to the statement following the loop. Break statement in Java programming is used to jump out of the loop contr .... Read More

Visiblity Modifiers and Scope

In Java, the data members and methods are encapsulated together within a class. Java uses certain reserved words called modifiers that specify the properties of the data, methods, and classes and how they can be used. Java classes, fields, constructors and methods can have one of four different acce .... Read More

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