Functions and Constructors

Why Functions?

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Accessing Functions

Methods or functions are the main building blocks of Java programs. They can be called several times in the same program, allowing the code to be reused. A Java method is a collection of statements that is grouped together to perform an operation. A function exists in three different forms within a .... Read More

Function Overloading

A function name having several definitions in the same scope that are differentiable by the number or types of their arguments is said to be an overloaded function. Process of creating overloaded functions is called function overloading. Overloaded functions have same name but different signatures. .... Read More


A class can contain one of the three types of functions - accessor function, mutator function and manager function. Accessor function is member function that accesses contents of object but does not modify that object. It simply returns value of one of the member variables. Mutator function is also .... Read More

this Variable & Temporary Instances

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