Java Fundamentals

Java Character Set

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Data Types

In Java, data type defines a set of values for real numbers, decimal numbers, alphabets, etc. Data types are classified into two types: primitive and non-primitive. The data types that are independent on any other type are known as primitive data types.

In Java, primitive data types are also
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Variables & Constants

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Operators in Java are special symbols to perform specific tasks on operands. Operators can be classified into the following types: arithmetical, relational, increment/ decrement, logical and assignment. Operations are represented by
operators. The objects of operations are referred to as operands
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Expressions and Statements

An expression in Java is any valid combination of operators, constants and variables, i.e., a legal combination of Java tokens. The type of operators used in an expression determines the expression type. Arithmetic expression uses arithmetic operators. Arithmetic expressions may contain variables, c .... Read More

Wrapper Classes

Wrapper class is a part of java.lang, which wraps the primitive data values into objects. Wrapper classes are needed for an object representation for primitive type variables to use Java built-in methods. Java has wrapper class for each of the eight primitive data types. Data type starts with lowerc .... Read More

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