Data File Handling(Binary and Text)

Simple Input/Output

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Java Streams

All the data under process or being read exist only till program is executed. As the program gets over, data is removed. File is a resource for storing information that is available to computer programs. Data in the file remains available for programs to use after the current program has finished. A .... Read More

Operations on Files

Before starting its processing, a program needs to read input from the input resources and after its processing; the program needs to send output to the output resources. This is called input-output (IO) operations. File based IO allows program to store data permanently on secondary storage in a fil .... Read More

String and Stream Tokenizer

String tokenizer contains useful methods that can be used to isolate the tokens. StringTokenizer provides two methods that are very effective for the processing string. These methods are countToken and nextToken. To use methods of the class StringTokenizer, user needs to create object of this class. .... Read More

Obtaining Input using Scanner Class

Java programming uses different types of data values such as integer, character, float etc. These data values are entered through the console in four different ways such as assigning a value, using blueJ system to pass the argument to the mail method at the time of execution. Using Input Stream that .... Read More

Printing in Java

The original JDK 1.0 release did not provide any printing support.  The release of the 1.1 version of the Java Developer's Kit in 1997 provided Java developers with a basic framework for printing from applications. Java provides classes for printing on printer through Java 2D printing API. The .... Read More

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