Simple Data Structures

Linked Lists

An Array is a simple data structure. It cannot be created or destroyed during program execution. In array, insertion and deletion requires lots of shifting and time. To overcome this problem the concept of linked list was introduced. A linked list is a linear collection of data elements called nodes .... Read More


Stacks are known as last in first out data structure (LIFO). In this the last item pushed on the stack is the first item popped from the stack. In stack the insertion and deletion can be taken placed at one only end called stack’s top. A stack is a non-primitive linear data structure in which the .... Read More


A Queue is data structure in which insertion is done at the end and deletion is done from the front of the queue. Queue is called First in first out (FIFO) data structure. Whenever an element is added to the queue, the value of REAR is increased by 1. Whenever an element is deleted from the queue, t .... Read More

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