Using Library Classes

Simple Input/Output

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Exception Handling

In Java, exception handler acts as a flag to catch an error and makes the program run smoothly. When an error is encountered during execution of a program, an exception is said to have occurred. This disrupts the program. A compile-time error happens when the program is being compiled. Generally, co .... Read More

Wrapper Classes

Wrapper class is a part of java.lang, which wraps the primitive data values into objects. Wrapper classes are needed for an object representation for primitive type variables to use Java built-in methods. Java has wrapper class for each of the eight primitive data types. Data type starts with lowerc .... Read More

Working with Strings

In Java, a group of characters is called a string. Three classes used for character data are Character Class, String Class and String-Buffer Class. The string class is used to create an object of a string and initialise it with a string literal.Once the object is initialised, its content cannot be m .... Read More

Packages in Java

Package is a way to group related class and interface under one unit. It is used to resolve name conflicts between class and names. They provides access control over their source code. The import statement must be at the beginning of a file before any class or interface definitions. Use of an import .... Read More

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