Working with Operating System

Introduction to Operating System

Operating system is a set of programs which manages the resources of the computer, process command etc. It has two parts kernel and shell.Operating system is a bridge between a user and the hardware components of a computer. Elements of operating system are Booting loader program, control program an .... Read More

Working with DOS

MS-DOS is a command user interface operating system. Loading operating system files into main memory is called booting up of the computer. A file is a collection of logically related information. Each file stored on the system is given a name. Two special characters, question mark and asterisk are c .... Read More

Working with Windows

Windows is a GUI based operating system. Its main features are: Multitasking, Multiuser. First screen on which icons, windows etc are displayed is known as desktop. A window is a rectangular area of an application, document or a dialog box. Windows can be moved and resized. We can open many windows .... Read More

Types of Software

Software is needed to control internal computer operation, convert high level program to machine and vice versa. Antivirus software protects the computer from virus, malware, spyware etc. Device drivers are pieces of software that work in-between the operating system and the device. Operating system .... Read More

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