Types of Software

Software is needed to control internal computer operation, convert high level program to machine and vice versa. Antivirus software protects the computer from virus, malware, spyware etc. Device drivers are pieces of software that work in-between the operating system and the device. Operating system is a bridge between a user and the hardware components of a computer. A compiler translates whole code in one go. After compiling, it generates the object code.

System Software acts as an interface between users, application software and hardware. Time sharing uses time sharing technique. A fair share of CPU time is given to each active user program. If time elapses, CPU shifts over to the next waiting job. If an I/O operation is requested, it is handed over to the I/O Manager. Multiprocessing is capable of handling more than one processors. It is capable of load sharing in case of identical processors. In case of un-identical processors, it controls the super processor, in turn the working of slave processors. Some commonly used Operating System’s Functions are-Processor Management, Device Management, Memory Management, and File Management. A graphical user interface builder allows the user to design GUI interface easily with the help of build in graphic control elements.

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