Working with Windows

Windows is a GUI based operating system. Its main features are: Multitasking, Multiuser. First screen on which icons, windows etc are displayed is known as desktop. A window is a rectangular area of an application, document or a dialog box. Windows can be moved and resized. We can open many windows at the same time. Each window at least contains three buttons minimize, maximize and close. Application windows contain open application i.e., running application such as word, excel, paint etc. Title bar is the top most bar containing the title of the window. It has several buttons like close, restore etc. Just below the title bar is the menu bar. It contains a list of options which user can use in applications. Each window contains two scroll bar arrows vertical and horizontal. Application icons contain the icons of application software. Double clicking on it, to open the application software. Disk Drive represents the icons like Floppy disk, Hard-Disk, Networks, RAM and CD-ROM. There are several ways to navigate around the computer. But most commonly used are Start button, task bar, Computer, Windows explorer. Shared folders are the type of folders which can be shared by other users on the network. A shortcut is an icon that links to a file or folder. When a shortcut is double-clicked, the original item opens.

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