Tabular Presentation

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  • Q1

    What is meant by classification? Explain its types.


    Classification provides the basis for tabulation of data. In classification, data is separated according to their similarities and dissimilarities. Its purpose is to analyse data.

    The following are four types of classifications

    i) Quantitative classification i.e. on the basis of same characteristics capable of quantitative measurements such as height, weight, age, income, marks scored by students in class etc.

    ii) Chronological classification i.e. temporal or on the basis of time. Here one variable is time.

    iii) Geographical classification i.e. spatial or on the basis of place.

    iv) Qualitative classification i.e. on the basis of some attribute or quality or descriptive characteristics such as literacy, sex, beauty, honesty, education etc. The type of qualification may be simple or complicated (Dichotomous) or two fold classification.

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  • Q2

    What is meant by presentation of data?


    Presentation of data is a process of presenting the classified data in a suitable form. The objective of presentation of data is to present data visually, thus highlighting basic facts and relationships. As disorderly original information is obviously difficult to understand, orderly presentation of quantitative information becomes essential. There are four methods of presentation of data –

    i) Textual presentation,

    ii) Tabular presentation,

    iii) Diagrammatic presentation and

    iv) Graphic presentation.

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  • Q3

    What is called open ended method in tabulation?


    Open ended method is the one in which lower limit of first interval and upper limit of last interval are not given in the distribution. E.g.


    No. of Students

    Below 70


    80 -90


    Above 90


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  • Q4

    Describe the methods of classifying data by tabulation.


    To present in a table the data can be classified in four ways:
    i. Chronological Classification
    ii.Quantitative Classification

    iii. Geographical Classification

    iv. Qualitative Classification
    a. Two-fold
    b. Mani-fold

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  • Q5

    Define tabulation.


    Classified information presented in a systematic table of rows and columns is called tabulation.

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