Argumentative Composition

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  • Q1

    Give an argument on the violence imposed by computer games on the minds of youngsters.


    Computer games have become a favourite among the youngsters. They find it interesting to sit in front of the computer and finish targets. Many people are not in favour of these games and want a ban on them as they say that the children are becoming violent because of the violence and bloodshed shown in these games.

    It is true that these games are spoiling the young generation. Instead of going out and engaging in outdoor games, they sit indoors, spoil their eyes and back. Constant exposure to the rays from the computer adversely affects their mental health too.

    Studies have shown that computer games have weakened the eyesight and overall health of teenagers, who do nothing all day, but sit, eat, and play games. Video games have been under a lot of scrutiny over the last few years and are blamed for spoiling the kids. Parents must keep a vigil on their children’s activities.

    Even the companies making such games should keep in mind the age of the audience, and create concepts which encourage them to stay physically fit.

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  • Q2

    Give an argument on the existence of extra-terrestrial beings in the universe.


    Since childhood, we have been hearing stories of people from other planets visiting the earth. Many movies and books have been based on extra-terrestrial beings and their existence in the vast universe.

    The world is afraid to accept that we are not alone in this universe, but share it with creatures from the other worlds.

    There are strong propagators of the theory that the aliens have been regular visitors to the earth. Several scientists have theorized that certain life forms such as bacteria exist not only on our planet but throughout the universe. They have also insisted that it is impossible that no other intelligent life exists in the universe other than the Earth.

    Research projects like space mission have tried to establish that there are aliens on Mars, due to evidence of methane in the atmosphere and on moon, due to presence of water. Also all the stories about alien sightings cannot be dismissed as overactive imagination.

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  • Q3

    Give an argument on how modern gadgets have controlled our lives, and are targeting the next generation.


    Human Beings used to be self-dependent for all activities in the past. Even if it was hard to fetch water from far off distant places, and roam around in search of food, people managed to do it.

    Gradually, human beings started making use of handmade weapons, fire, made houses, and started living a life of comfort. They evolved depending on their necessities. To a certain extent, this evolution was good till it started interfering with their independence.

    The modern people have become so dependent on machines, that a single day cannot be lived if the washing machine or the dishwasher stops working. People have stopped doing things themselves.

    Truly, invention of machines and gadgets has made our lives easier, but have made us complete slaves to them. There is not a single area of human activity where machines don’t have to be used. Human Beings have become captive to their own creations. Modern gadgets have completely transformed the human life and health to a great extent. Thus, we can say that our dependence on modern gadgets has made us lose our spirit to work and vitality, vigour and stamina, and therefore no more good health, cheerfulness and endurance prevail. We no longer have the capacity to work hard or bear pains or suffer inconveniences which result in increased irritation, tensions, worries and anger. We can say that over dependence on machines has made us physically and mentally lethargic and emotionally dead. We must resort to hard manual work and instill the spirit of strength and vitality in ourselves to live a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Q4

    Give an argument in support of how BPOs have become an easy source of earning good income for youngsters.


    BPOs are fast turning into income sources for young graduates or college dropouts. Many feel that one learns nothing from communicating with other people on phone. The other reason why BPOs are seen in a negative light is because the employees there have to work at odd hours. It is also felt that some youngsters join BPOs to earn money at the cost of their education.

    However, this isn’t always the case. BPOs boast of plenty of merits as well. Life in the BPO industry is as professional as that in the corporate world. Furthermore, these companies provide several facilities to their employees. Not all companies offer free meals, transport facility and additional perks and incentives. In the wake of unemployment, the BPOs proved to be a boon. What many people don’t realise is that the BPO industry created employment opportunities for millions of undergraduates and jobless people.

    One does not require a professional or a college degree to work in a BPO. A good command over spoken English and excellent communication skills are sufficient. The BPO culture teaches the same work ethics that one learns in any other industry. They are not the only place where employees work at night. Those in the print media also work late with irregular work hours.

    Since one does not need to have a university degree for it, youngsters also work in BPOs during vacations in order to earn some money. This also helps them in becoming independent and not relying on their parents’ money always. So, we must be careful before making judgements about any profession. All professions have certain drawbacks and some positive aspects. BPO is one of them.

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  • Q5

    Give an argument in support of having a balanced diet.


    We all sustain on the life giving force called food. All the vegetables and fruits that nature provides us with, replenish us, and help us to work efficiently round the clock. However, when we don’t receive this energy in required quantity, diseases start building up within our bodies. The energy for the work we do comes from the food we eat. Hence, it is extremely important that the food we eat is nutritious. This nutritious food when taken in proper amounts is called a balanced diet. There is no diet like a balanced diet which must contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Six small meals in a day are a must and it is not advisable to skip breakfast.

    Unfortunately, youngsters today have no time or the patience to cook a wholesome meal for themselves. They rely on junk food to satisfy hunger pangs. They love to consume pizza, burger, aerated drinks, French fries etc. which have lots of fats and calories with zero nutrition. This kind of eating habit is very damaging to health. What is more, only few are so health conscious that they take the trouble of doing some physical exercise.

    It also leads to problems like obesity, cardiac arrests etc. What is more disheartening is that these problems are attacking young people who are supposed to be fit and healthy.

    Digesting such food is not easy. As a result, one feels depleted of energy. It is important to form a proper eating habit at an early age.

    It is not just fast food that stimulates our taste buds. There are other eatables which are equally appetising. Fresh juice, milk shakes etc. are good alternatives for soft drinks, and sprouts and fruits can replace snacks that are high on calories. Ideally rice, whole wheat breads, pulses, vegetables, milk, eggs etc. constitute a perfect diet.

    Having a balanced diet not only creates healthy individuals, it also creates healthy families, and in turn, a healthy nation.

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