Descripitive Composition

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  • Q1

    Give a brief description of Edward Lewis who works as a chef in a five star hotel, in about 150-200 words.

    (a) Age: 35 years

    (b) Three year diploma course in Hotel Management

    (c) Passion for food and cooking

    (d) Creative, flair for experimentation

    (e) Can cook all types of dishes

    (f) Hard working, enjoys his work

    (g) Likes adventure sports and travelling

    (h) Aims to own a restaurant and get a Michelin star


    Edward Lewis works as the head chef in a five star hotel. He is 35 years old and has done a three year diploma in Hotel Management. He has worked hard throughout his life to achieve this position. From working as a waiter in a small restaurant to being the head chef in a five star hotel, his journey is something to be spoken about. Edward worked as an apprentice under the famous chef Jack Affleck and learnt many things. He owes the credit to his mentor for preparing him to be the best. He has a passion for food and cooking. He prepares delicacies from cuisines such as Chinese, European, Thai, Indian, Mexican etc. He is extremely creative and has a flair for experimentation. The presentation of his dishes is attractive. He is diligent and enjoys his work. Apart from cooking, he enjoys adventure sports and travelling. He has been to several places. His aim in life is to own a restaurant and get a Michelin star.

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  • Q2

    Describe in about 150-200 words, the prize distribution ceremony held in your school.

    (a) Prize distribution held on founder’s day.

    (b) Winners in various competitions were awarded

    (c) Chief Guest was the District Mayor, Mr. Frank Goodman.

    (d) Dance and Drama were held.

    (e) Chocolates were distributed on the occasion.


    Prize Distribution

    On the occasion of founder’s day, Maple field high school organised many competitions for the students. The school is well known for carrying out activities for students to inculcate in them a sense of confidence. This is done to prepare the students for a tough life which demands for one to be an all-rounder.

    Competitions were held for events like painting, speech, essay writing, quiz, singing and dance. The winners of these competitions were awarded on 17 November 20xx. The function was presided over by the chief guest Mr. Frank Goodman, the district mayor. The event started at 9 a.m. in the Richard Hall. In the welcome speech, the Mayor spoke a few words about one’s goal in life. He addressed the students and teachers about the importance of physical activities and intellectual debates. Students performed several plays and dances. The prizes were distributed to them by the chief guest. Chocolates were distributed to all and the students enjoyed it.

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  • Q3

    Describe an art exhibition held in Texas for a charitable cause, with the help of the given points in about 150-200 words.

    (a) Painting exhibition held in Texas

    (b) painter- Mr. Williams participated in Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, in New York in 2007

    (c) 2000 people witnessed the art gallery

    (d) Portrayed the hardships of the poor

    (e) Beautiful scenic description in his paintings

    (f) Paintings for sale till next week

    (g) Money used for a good cause


    Art Exhibition

    A painting exhibition by Mr. Williams was held in Texas on 8 October, 20xx. He has conducted many exhibitions since 1997. He also participated in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, in New York, in 2007. Mr. Williams is a fine painter and a social activist who aspires to bring about a social change through the medium of art.

    More than 2000 people of different age groups witnessed the art gallery in the city. His paintings portrayed the hardships of the poor in America. Beggars smoking and eating food, people struggling for a living and a place for shelter. All the emotions are depicted beautifully. The paintings are kept for sale till the next week. The money collected through this exhibition will be utilized for the treatment of cancer patients in the city. The exhibition was held in a wide hall with many socialites, journalists and other intellectuals. Free passes were given to students so that they could come and understand the motive behind the event and carry out some activities in universities.

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  • Q4

    Describe a doctor, in about 150-200 words by using the points given below.

    (a) Dr. Sophie McCarthy, cardiologist, Max Hospital, North Carolina

    (b) 40 years old, appearance

    (c) Very active

    (d) Emotional support to the patient’s family

    (e) Monitors proper care to the patient


    A Doctor

    Dr. Sophie McCarthy, a cardiologist in Max Hospital, North Carolina, is 40 years old but is an extremely active person. She has a fair complexion, is of medium built and always carries a sweet expression on her face. She takes care of the heart patients in the hospital and carefully monitors the patients, making sure that they eat properly, get enough fluids and proper nourishment. She helps them to feel comfortable. Dr. McCarthy has been working since 20 years and is completely dedicated to the service of people.

    She sees to it that the patients’ room is clean. Patient’s love her and seek her advice in matters concerning health. Medicines are given on time to them. Dr. McCarthy also ensures that the nurses are doing their duties properly. She personally helps them when they are unable to work due to family emergencies. Even though she has hectic work schedules, she takes care to remain healthy and active.

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  • Q5

    Give a brief description of the headmaster of Red Wood high school, in about 150-200 words, using the following points.

    (a) Appearance

    (b) Multiple roles

    (c) Relationship with students

    (d) Efforts


    The Headmaster

    The headmaster of Red Wood high school is fifty five years old. He is very humble and can be seen walking in the school corridor with a smile on his face. He performs multiple roles that of a school manager, leader and also a reformer. The headmaster is an intellectual and a highly rational person. He meets parents often for an interaction regarding their children without complaining. Instead, he motivates them to spend some more time on the students and take parenting classes.

    As far as his interaction with the students is concerned, he personally meets them and patiently listens to their concerns. He guides them accordingly. This is the reason he is respected and loved by everyone in the school. He never differentiates between a staff ward and a non-staff ward. Also, he constantly works to find various ways for the development of the school. Altogether parents, teachers and children love him.

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