Direct and Indirect Speech

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  • Q1

    Rewrite the sentences in Direct Speech without changing the meaning.

    1. Ann accepted with pleasure and asked where Tom was thinking of going.

    2. Henry said gloomily that he supposed she’d be busy all morning.

    3. Dexter wondered what was on at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

    4. Helena pointed out that she hadn’t known that he was going to ask her out.

    5. Peter agreed and said that they might go on the river if it was a fine day.


    1. Ann: “I’d love to. Where are you thinking of going, Tom?”

    2. Henry: (gloomily) “I suppose you’ll be busy all morning.”

    3. Dexter: “I wonder what’s on at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.”

    4. Helena: “I didn’t know you were going to ask me out, after all.”

    5. Peter: “Good idea!/All right. We might go on the river if it’s a fine day.”

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  • Q2

    Express the following in Indirect Speech.

    1. The patient said, “How painful the wound is!”

    2. “Oh, pray, sir, one minute more!” cried the candidate.

    3. He said, “My God! I am ruined.”

    4. “Bravo!” cried the audience, “You have performed well.”

    5. “Alas!” she cried, “My house is burnt!”


    1. The patient cried that the wound was very painful.

    2. The candidate prayed that he might be given one minute more.

    3. He cried in dismay that he was ruined.

    4. The audience complemented the performers that they had done very well.

    5. She cried sorrowfully that her house was burnt.

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  • Q3

    Fill up the blanks by choosing the correct answers.

    1. These songs __________ to us by our friends. (recommended, were recommended, have recommended, was being recommended)

    2. The palace __________ by our ancestors. (built, was being built, are built, was built)

    3. An innocent joke __________ seriously. (is not taken, is not to take, is not to be taken, is not taking)

    4. You __________ inside the pyramids by the tourist guide. (have taken, will take, will be taken, will be taking)

    5. Lands in the polar regions __________with ice. (are covered, is being covered, is covered, will be covered)


    1. These songs were recommended to us by our friends.

    2. The palace was built by our ancestors.

    3. An innocent joke is not to be taken seriously.

    4. You will be taken inside the pyramids by the tourist guide.

    5. Lands in the polar regions are covered with ice.

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  • Q4

    Report the following in Direct Speech.

    1. The priest suggested to them to try to pray for the wellbeing of mankind.

    2. The people expressed the desire that the king might live long.

    3. Alexander begged his king to let him be pardoned.

    4. My uncle told me that he would take me to Disneyland on my birthday.

    5. The Queen asked Hamlet whether he had forgotten who it was he was speaking to.


    1. “Let us pray for the wellbeing of mankind,” said the priest.

    2. The people cried out, “Long live the King!”

    3. Alexander said to his King, “I pray you, O King! Please pardon me.”

    4. “I will take you to Disneyland on your birthday,” said my uncle.

    5. The Queen said to Hamlet, “Have you forgotten who it is you are speaking to?”

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  • Q5

    Convert the following passages from Direct to Indirect Speech.

    1. A farmer took his sons to a field and said, “There is a treasure hidden here in the earth. If you find it you may share it among you.”

    2. “We have not found the treasure,” said one of his sons, “but as the earth has been dug so thoroughly we may as well sow it with corn.”

    3. “Why do you fight?” said Andrew, “it will be much better to be friends.”

    4. One of his friends said to him, “I do not think you lost much. The money was of no use to you. You did not buy things with it.”

    5. “This time, rogue,” shouted he, “you shall not escape me.”


    1. A farmer took his sons to a field and said to them that there was a treasure hidden there in the earth. If they found it they might share it among themselves.

    2. One of his sons reported that they had not found the treasure. He suggested that as the earth had been dug so thoroughly, they might as well sow it with corn.

    3. Andrew asked them why they fought and remarked that it would be much better to be friends.

    4. One of his friends said that he did not think he had lost much. The money had been of no use to him. He had not bought things with it.

    5. He shouted calling him a rogue and said that he would not escape him that time.

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