Kinds of Sentences

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  • Q1

    Change the following sentences into interrogative sentences:

    (a) You allowed yourself to be exploited in the organisation.

    (b) Peter is going to Texas in the middle of the night.

    (c) The school authorities have taken a stern step.

    (d) I usually commute by my car.

    (e) People often take him for his brother.


    (a) Why did you allow yourself to be exploited in the organisation?

    (b) Why is Peter going to Texas in the middle of the night?

    (c) Why have the school authorities taken a stern step?

    (d) How do you commute every day?

    (e) Why do people take him for his brother?

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  • Q2

    Match the phrases/ words from columns A with B to make correct, meaningful sentences.



    (a) Please allow me

    (i) you’ve got!

    (b) What chapter

    (ii) not issued by this library.

    (c) What an expensive watch

    (iii) to leave now.

    (d) These books were

    (iv) finish that task up first.

    (e) You need to

    (v) are we reading?


    (a) Please allow me to leave now.

    (b) What chapter are we reading?

    (c) What an expensive watch you’ve got!

    (d) These books were not issued by this library.

    (e) You need to finish that task up first.

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  • Q3

    Read the following sentences and add correct punctuation mark. Then label the kind of sentence they are.

    (a) Forgive me, my lord

    (b) I’m so excited I’m going on vacation

    (c) Driving that fast is dangerous

    (d) Can you cancel the movie tickets

    (e) Would that I were young again


    (a) . Imperative

    (b) ! Exclamatory

    (c) . Assertive

    (d) ? Interrogative

    (e) ! Exclamatory

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  • Q4

    Classify the following sentences under different functions – statements/ commands/ questions/ exclamations.

    (a) Congratulations on your accomplishment!

    (b) I love nature.

    (c) Bring me your notebook.

    (d) Have you brought the vase I had asked for?

    (e) She does not know him.


    (a) Exclamation

    (b) Assertive

    (c) Command

    (d) Question

    (e) Assertive (Negative)

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  • Q5

    Identify the kind of sentences.

    (a) How foolish have you been!

    (b) Don’t type that letter now.

    (c) Why did you do it again?

    (d) She doesn’t stay here anymore.

    (e) Please let do this for you.


    (a) Exclamatory sentence

    (b) Imperative sentence

    (c) Interrogative sentence

    (d) Assertive sentence

    (e) Imperative sentence

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