Narrative Composition

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  • Q1

    Narrate your experience of the first day in a new school.


    Your Dad is transferred to a new city…initially not willing to go to a new school…good bye to friends…new school…new friends and teachers…felt strange in the beginning…got acquainted with the new place…teachers and friends helped…old friends’ letters…nostalgia…slowly life became normal…some incidents in the new school…

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  • Q2

    Narrate an incident when you saved the life of a stranger.


    It was a rainy day. Mom asked me to buy some grocery from the market. The market was near the house and I went to the market on my bike. While coming back I saw some people gathered around a man lying in a pool of blood on the road. People gathered around were gazing at him. Nobody tried to take the wounded man to the hospital. I was not sure if he was still alive. There was no movement. His body lay limp on the road. A motorcycle with broken head lamp and smashed accessories lay nearby. Someone told that the man was hit by a speeding car. The driver who had hit him left the victim to die on the road.

    Suddenly I noticed that the man was breathing slowly. I asked the people to take him to the hospital. Nobody listened to my words. I tried to stop the vehicles passing by. Most of the drivers did not stop and those who stopped were not willing to take him to hospital.

    At last one car stopped. I pleaded with the driver to take the man to a hospital. He agreed. With his help we laid him on the rear seat and I sat near him. The driver sped his vehicle and we reached the hospital within ten minutes. Initially the doctor was not willing to treat him. At last he agreed to admit him in the hospital. Though I was worried of the consequences I agreed to stay with him. I wanted to inform my Dad and Mom but no phone was available. Luckily the police arrived within two hours. They contacted the man’s relatives. A young lady with a small child in her arms came rushing in. With tearful eyes she thanked me for taking her husband to hospital.

    He had to undergo surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain, but god saved him. He was discharged after a couple of weeks. They came to our house and profoundly thanked me. I was happy and proud that I saved a life and a family.

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  • Q3

    Narrate a visit to your friend during a vacation.


    Michael had been insisting that I should visit his home town in Glasgow, Scotland. Scotland is known for its breathtaking scenery. What come to the mind of people wanting to visit Scotland are images of romantic hills, lonely castles, magnificent scenery and secluded beaches.

    Scotland's main attractions highlight 'solitude', with its remote stretches of moors, lonely beaches, beautiful mountains, deep lochs, historic castles and palaces.

    Our flight landed at Glasgow International Airport in the evening and we headed straight to Michael's home. It was almost twenty miles drive from the airport. Michael's Mom and Dad warmly received us. Delicious Scottish cuisines were already prepared. Michael's Mom is a good cook. She loved cooking Scottish delicacies for me during my stay with them. I slept comfortably after dinner.

    The next morning we went to visit Loch Lomond, which is Britain's largest lake. It is also known as 'The Queen of Scottish Lakes'. We hired a boat and enjoyed a long trip in the lake. We also visited Trossachs National Park and toured along the Western Highway to visit Fort William.

    The next day Michael took me to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. The building has a distinctive Scottish style. The museum houses works by prominent artists. Along with other notable treasures of art the museum has Bronze Age tools and jewelry. It also exhibits Salvador Dali's Christ of St. John of the Cross.

    Apart from these places I also visited Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. The stone towers and walls of Edinburgh Castle have dominated the Edinburgh skyline since the 13th century. Perched atop black basalt rock, it offers magnificent views of the city.

    I will never forget the hospitality of Michael’s family. Michael’s Dad arranged the tours and paid for the cabs. I felt that I am at home – indeed a home away from home. I can’t thank them enough for the joyous moments I shared with them.

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  • Q4

    Describe the havoc caused by a hurricane that lashed your city.


    The met department had given warning about the strong hurricane well in advance. We had an underground strong room as our city was prone to hurricanes.

    It was a sunny day. But suddenly the clouds grew dark. The wind started blowing but what felt like a breeze in the beginning slowly turned into a deafening howl. We rushed into the underground bunker. We carried along a radio, food and drinks.

    The fury of the wind lasted for several hours. All that we could hear was the howling of the wind. Uprooted trees and other flying objects hit the door of the underground bunker. The wind was trying to open the door. My father had locked it safely but the wind fury was so strong that I thought it would fly away. The lash to which the door was secured shook violently. My little sister cried aloud while mother prayed earnestly to god.

    Though we carried some food and water with us to the bunker, nobody could eat anything. After several hours of wind fury we felt that the velocity of the wind slowly subsided. Mother gave some water to my little sister.

    After spending almost eight hours in the bunker we came out. We couldn’t believe our eyes. A part of the roof was flown away. Fallen branches of a huge tree near the kitchen had smashed the kitchen roof. Many trees around the house were uprooted by the strong wind. Several houses were damaged in the wind. Luckily there were no causalities in the city. Next day we came to know that many people had died in the neighboring cities. It took days to clean up the debris. The memory of that horrible day is still fresh in my mind.

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  • Q5

    You met with an accident on your way back home from the market. Give a vivid first person narrative of the accident.


    I lay helplessly under the weight of the overturned car. My left leg was trapped under the debris. I couldn’t feel my leg when I tried to pull it out. Slowly my vision got dimmed. I felt the warmth of fresh blood oozing out of the wounds in my body. I thought about my loving mother and father. The smiling face of my little sister flashed in my memory. Will I see their face ever again?

    Several vehicles passed by. I tried to draw their attention by crying aloud and waving my hands but, sound did not come out of my mouth. Something was chocking my throat. Neither could I move my hands. My hands lay limp on the rough road. I could not move even a finger! I had never felt so helpless! I lay there in agony and excruciating pain for one hour waiting for someone to turn up and help me.

    I was returning from the market after some shopping. It was my little brother’s birthday. I bought some gifts for him from a shopping mall. I also bought a lovely birthday cake for him. It was getting late and the thought of my brother and other family members waiting for me made me to pick up speed. I accelerated car recklessly as I swerved through by lanes taking shortcuts to avoid traffic islands.

    In a moment I lost control while taking a sudden turn. While turning, I didn’t see a truck coming from the opposite direction. The impact was sudden that the car had turned turtle and I was caught beneath its massive weight.

    Slowly some people gathered around. I felt my throat is a parched land. I wanted to wet it with a drop of water but I couldn’t make any sound. A few genuinely concerned people helped to pull me out from the wreckage. I tried to stand up but my legs refused to move and I fell unconscious.

    When I came to my senses I found myself staring at a white haze. After a few anxious moments, when my eyes were able to focus better, I realized that I was on a hospital bed! I suffered serious injuries. My left leg was broken and three ribs had multiple fractures. There were wounds all over the body and a deep gash on the left shoulder.

    I recognized the faces of my beloved family members standing around my bed anxiously looking at my face. When the mist was lifted from my eyes, I saw the tears rolling down the cheeks of my beloved mother. My father comforted her holding her hands. My beloved brother looked at me and smiled. Surrounded by my family I felt protected. In my mind I silently thanked god.

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