Parts of Speech

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  • Q1

    Identify the correct part of speech of the underlined words from the choice given in brackets.
    1. I have kept the book in the cupboard. (preposition, article)
    2. I go to watch films occasionally. (adverb, adjective)
    3. They have gone to attend the training camp. (Noun, pronoun)
    4. It is the best news I have ever heard. (pronoun, article)
    5. The match started late. (conjunction, adverb)


    1. preposition
    2. adverb
    3. pronoun
    4. article
    5. adverb

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  • Q2

    Make verb, adjective and adverb forms of the nouns given below.
    1. ability
    2. certainty
    3. compulsion
    4. courage
    5. danger


    Noun verb adjective adverb
    1. ability enable able ably
    2. certainty ascertain certain certainly
    3. compulsion compel compulsory compulsorily
    4. courage encourage courageous courageously
    5. danger endanger dangerous dangerously

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  • Q3

    Identify the correct part of speech of the underlined words from the choice given in brackets.
    1. He is a good musician. (adjective, adverb)
    2. I have just done it. (preposition, adverb)
    3. He finished the work very well. (adjective, adverb)
    4. It will take half an hour to reach the station. (preposition, article)
    5. I have kept it in the box. (preposition, conjunction)


    1. adjective
    2. adverb
    3. adverb
    4. article
    5. preposition

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  • Q4

    Identify the part of speech of the underlined word in each of the following sentences:
    1. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of Independent India.
    2. When I reached home, my little sister was hiding behind the door to trick me.
    3. The doctor advised the patient to stop smoking.
    4. Everyone in the room cheered when the announcement was made.
    5. The sun was shining as we set out for our first winter camping trip.


    1. verb
    2. preposition
    3. article
    4. pronoun
    5. adjective

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  • Q5

    Write the correct part of speech for each word given below.
    1. we
    2. or
    3. a
    4. mercy
    5. an


    1. we - pronoun
    2. or - conjunction
    3. a - article
    4. mercy - noun
    5. an – article

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