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  • Q1

    Rewrite the following sentences.

    (a) I am late, amn’t I?

    (b) Jane can’t speak Italian, can’t she?

    (c) It’s been drizzling, haven’t it?

    (d) They weren’t ready, weren’t they?

    (e) You’re giving the speech this morning, am you?


    (a) I am late, aren’t I?

    (b) Jane can’t speak Italian, can she?

    (c) It’s been drizzling, hasn’t it?

    (d) They weren’t ready, were they?

    (e) You’re giving the speech this morning, aren’t you?

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  • Q2

    Rearrange the following words into meaningful sentences.

    (a) we/ on/ often/ we/ weekend/ movies/ watch/ don’t

    (b) you/ room/ haven’t/ have/ you/ your/ cleaned

    (c) that/ work/ away/ blocks/ he/ opened/ two/ restaurant/ doesn't/ at/ the/ new

    (d) does/ he/ he/ talks/ never

    (e) mistakes/ from/ his/ never/ does/ he/ learns/ he


    (a) We often watch movies on weekend, don't we?

    (b) You have cleaned your room, haven't you?

    (c) Doesn't he work at the new restaurant that opened two blocks away?

    (d) He never talks, does he?

    (e) He never learns from his mistakes, does he?

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  • Q3

    Do as directed.

    (a) Did you visit your sister yesterday? (Answer in the affirmative)

    (b) Will they be at home? (Answer in the affirmative)

    (c) Am I in your way?(Answer in the negative)

    (d) Don’t cars pollute the environment? (Answer in the affirmative)

    (e) Are you angry with me? (Answer in the negative)





    (a) Yes, I did.

    (b) Yes, they’d be.

    (c) No, you aren’t.

    (d) Yes, they do.

    (e) No, I am not.

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  • Q4

    Add question tags to the following sentences.

    (a) He hasn’t passed the exam,

    (b) You have oats for breakfast,

    (c) She doesn’t work in a hotel,

    (d) We must hurry,

    (e) He didn’t paint it himself,


    (a) Has he?

    (b) Don’t you?

    (c) Does she?

    (d) Mustn’t we?

    (e) Did he?

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  • Q5

    Fill in the blanks with suitable question tags.

    (a) ‘Lovely day it is, _______?’

    (b) She can’t swim. _______?

    (c) Don’t forget, _______?

    (d) Sophia is from Columbia, _______?

    (e) She could have bought a new phone.______?


    (a) ‘Lovely day it is, isn’t it?’

    (b) She can’t swim. Can she?

    (c) Don’t forget, will you?

    (d) Sophia is from Columbia, isn’t she?

    (e) She could have bought a new phone. Couldn’t she?

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