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  • Q1

    Find out the finite and non-finite verbs in the sentences given below.

    1. I want to buy some chocolates.

    2. It is time to start.

    3. Barking dogs seldom bite.

    4. Alex got the car repaired.

    5. Jane was wearing a torn jeans.


    1.want-finite, to buy- nonfinite

    2. is- finite, to start- nonfinite

    3. bite – finite, barking – nonfinite

    4. got – finite, repaired- nonfinite

    5. was wearing - finite, torn- nonfinite

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  • Q2

    Identify nonfinite verbs in each sentence and write the type.

    1. To solve this question is difficult.

    2. Reading has become my habit.

    3. Finding the door open I went inside.

    4. This is a thing to admire.

    5. I found him tired.


    1. To solve - Infinitive

    2. reading - Gerund

    3. Finding - Participle

    4. to admire - Infinitive

    5. tired –Participle

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  • Q3

    State whether the underlined words are finite or non-finite.

    1. The proposal has been examined today.

    2. Sam gave Dean menacing look.

    3. He had his car cleaned.

    4. It is healthy to laugh at problems.

    5. Janice tried to help him.


    1. Finite

    2. Finite

    3. non-finite

    4. non-finite

    5. Finite

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  • Q4

    State whether the underlined words are finite or non-finite.

    1. The sleeping gatekeeper was fired.

    2. Tracy is doing her household chores.

    3. He has a big house in the city.

    4. Amanda speaks Spanish very well.

    5. Nancy does her household chores every day.



    2. Nonfinite

    3. Finite

    4. Finite

    5. Finite

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  • Q5

    State whether the underlined words given in the following sentences are participles, infinitive or gerunds.

    1. I was shocked to hear the news.

    2. Plucking flowers is forbidden.

    3. We stopped talking.

    4. I don’t like waiting.

    5. Seeing, he believed.


    1. to hear – Infinitive

    2. Plucking – gerund

    3. talking – gerund

    4. waiting – gerund

    5. Seeing – participle

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