Transformation of Sentences

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  • Q1

    IV. Transform the following sentences in to active voice.

    1. Let him be requested to go.

    2. You are ordered to get out.

    3. You are requested to give me a cup of water.

    4. Let me be helped.

    5. May you be sanctified by God.


    1. Request him to go.

    2. Get out.

    3. Give me a cup of water.

    4. Please help me.

    5. May God sanctify you.

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  • Q2

    Transform the following interrogative sentences in to passive voice.

    1. Who did the cleaning?

    2. Can you kill the snake?

    3. Will she cook the meal?

    4. Why are you beating the dog?

    5. Where will she find him?


    1. By whom the cleaning was done?

    2. Can the snake be killed by you?

    3. Will the meal be cooked by her?

    4. Why is the dog being beaten by you?

    5. Where will he be found by her?

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  • Q3

    Transform the following sentences into passive voice.

    1. He dyes his hair once a month.

    2. The employees blamed the management for nonpayment of salary.

    3. Somebody had stolen my purse.

    4. We must write to her.

    5. The municipality will initiate an awareness campaign in the slums.


    1. His hair is dyed once a month.

    2. The management was blamed for nonpayment of salary by the employees.

    3. My purse had been stolen by somebody.

    4. She must be written to.

    5. An awareness campaign will be initiated by the municipality in the slums.

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  • Q4

    Transform the following sentences into active voice.

    1. My shower has been repaired by the plumber.

    2. Some fruit trees are being planted in the field by mother.

    3. An inspection will be carried out by the CEO next week.

    4. The dinner was being prepared by me.

    5. A letter was written to her by me.


    1. The plumber has repaired my shower.

    2. Mother is planting some fruit trees in the field.

    3. The CEO will carry out an inspection next week.

    4. I was preparing the dinner.

    5. I wrote her a letter.

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  • Q5

    In each of the following items, sentence A is complete, while sentence B is not. Complete sentence B, making it as similar as possible to sentence A.

    Write sentence B in each case.

    (1) (A) If he does not work hard, he will fail.

    (B) Unless……………

    (2) (A) The employees did not know much about the company’s plans for the layoffs.

    (B) Little………………………

    (3) (A) On hearing the gun shots, I ran for cover.

    (B) As soon as………………

    (4) (A) You must never break an oath.

    (B) Under no circumstances……………

    (5) (A) The little boy cried, “What a beautiful rainbow!”

    (B) The little boy exclaimed……………


    1. Unless he works hard, he will fail.

    2. Little was known to the employees about the company’s plans for the layoffs.

    3. As soon as I heard the gunshots, I ran for cover.

    4. Under no circumstances should you break an oath.

    5. The little boy exclaimed that it was a beautiful rainbow.

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