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  • Q1

    Fill in the blanks to complete the proverbs.

    1. Don't look a gift horse in the ___________

    a) Face

    b) Mouth

    2. Every cloud has a silver __________

    a) Color

    b) Lining

    3. People in glass houses should not _________ stones.

    a) Toss

    b) Throw

    4. You can't have your ________ and eat it too.

    a) Cake

    b) Pudding

    5. A leopard can't change its __________

    a) Spots

    b) Stripes


    1. b) Mouth

    2. b) Lining

    3. b) Throw

    4. a) Cake

    5. a) Spots

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  • Q2

    Complete the English proverbs.

    1. As you make your bed, ________

    2. Promises are made ______

    3. You can't make an omelet _________

    4. One man's meat __________

    5. The proof of the pudding _________


    1. so you must lie.

    2. to be kept.

    3. without breaking eggs.

    4. is another man's poison.

    5. is in the eating.

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  • Q3

    Explain the meaning of the proverbs given below.

    1. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

    2. No man is an island.

    3. Birds of a feather flock together.

    4. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

    5. There's no place like home.


    1. Strong people don’t give up when faced with hardships. On the contrary they work harder to achieve their goals.

    2. Nobody can live an isolated life. Man is a social animal.

    3. Most people enjoy the company of likeminded people.

    4. There is nothing free in this world. Things that are offered free of cost always have some hidden cost.

    5. A person experiences comfort and safety in his own home.

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  • Q4

    Fill in the blanks with the correct word to complete the proverbs.

    1. When in Rome __________ as Romans do.

    a) act

    b) do

    2. Paddle your own _________

    a) boat

    b) canoe

    3. As you sow, so shall you ________

    a) reap

    b) harvest

    4. Familiarity ______ contempt.

    a) makes

    b) breeds

    5. Don't cry over spilt ________

    a) milk

    b) butter


    1. b) do

    2. b) canoe

    3. a) reap

    4. b) breeds

    5. a) milk

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  • Q5

    Complete the English proverbs.

    1. Better safe __________

    2. There's no fool __________

    3. You can't change the habits _______

    4. All that glitters _______

    5. A rolling stone _________


    1. than sorry.

    2. like an old fool.

    3. of a lifetime.

    4. is not gold.

    5. gathers no moss.

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