Emergence of the Colonial Economy

Development of Modern Industries

  • British-owned industries helped industrialisation of India.
  • Industrial Revolution in England produced surplus goods for Indian markets.
  • The Parsee community of western India took lead in setting up cotton mills.
  • Sir Cowashji Jehangir opened the first cotto .... Read More

Development of the Means of Transport and Communication

  • Initially, East India Company neglected the development of transport and communication.
  • It was busy for expansion of authority and trade.
  • They soon realised importance of transport to bring raw materials like jute, saltpeter, and cotton to the port for export.
  • .... Read More

Disruption of Traditional Economy

  • After the grant of Diwani Rights, the English tried to collect maximum revenue from the cultivators by giving out land to the highest bidder for five years.
  • To avoid faults in the tax assessment of land and the uncertainty of revenue collections, the British introduced Permanen .... Read More

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