Development of Modern Industries

  • British-owned industries helped industrialisation of India.
  • Industrial Revolution in England produced surplus goods for Indian markets.
  • The Parsee community of western India took lead in setting up cotton mills.
  • Sir Cowashji Jehangir opened the first cotton mill in Bombay. 
  • British tea planters played an important role for the expansion of tea industry in Bengal and Assam.
  • The first jute mill of India was founded at Rishra near Calcutta.
  • Lord Dalhousie began systematic forest policy and passed a memorandum in 1855 on forest conservation called Charter of Indian Forests.
  • In 1856, Dietrich Brandis, a German botanist, was appointed the first Inspector General of Forests.
  • However, the Indian Forest Act of 1878 divided the forests into, Reserve, Protected and Village forest categories.
  • Forest Act imposed restrictions on the collection of forest products by the forest dwellers.
  • Local population undertook different forms of resistance for the denial of their traditional means of livelihood.


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