Gandhian Nationalism

The Launching of the Passive Resistance Movement

  • Mahatma Gandhi’s early life spent at Porbandar.
  • Gandhi was thrown out of the train at Pietermaritzburg for being a non-white, completely transformed him.
  • Gandhi described passive resistance as the weapon of the weak.
  • He developed the philosophy of no .... Read More

Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movement

  • Rowlatt Act of 1919 was implemented on the recommendations of   Sydney Rowlatt, named as the ‘Black Bill’.
  • Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Gandhi ji opposed the bill.
  • The Moderate leaders like Surendranath Banerjee, Tej Bahadur Sapru, Srinivas Sastri, a .... Read More

Simon Commission and Nehru Report

  • The Government of India Act of 1919 CE was drafted by Montague-Chelmsford, provided for a statutory commission to be set up at the end of ten years.
  • Simon Commission appointed in 1927 was the outcome of this provision.
  • Indians were promised self-government since Firs .... Read More

The Civil Disobedience Movement

  • Simon Commission was boycotted by all parties.
  • Nehru Report did not have consensus of the all.
  • Lord Irwin did not give an assurance of dominion status.
  • Mahatma Gandhi regarded the salt tax as a true index of inhuman oppression, started Dandi march, saw mas .... Read More

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