Rise of Hitler

  • After Germany’s defeat in World War I,
  • Birth of Weimar Republic took place.
  • But it faced many problems. It had to accept Treaty of Versailles, forced upon it by Allied Powers.
  • During Great Depression, USA withdrew support, leading to Unemployment, Loss of Currency Value and unstable Political Results in Germany.
  • This facilitated Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party.
  • Nazi Symbolism and Promises projected New Image of Hitler as the Saviour.
  • He was a Powerful Speaker.
  • Nazi Public Meetings and Rituals impressed people.
  • In 1923, Hitler failed to capture power by force and was arrested. But he was soon released from jail due to sympathy of the Bavarian authority.
  • While in Jail, he wrote his famous book ‘Mein Kampf’.
  • Reichstag Fire, preceded by Hitler becoming Chancellor, led to passing of Enabling Act, which established dictatorship in Germany.
  • Nazi Economic Policy aimed to restore German economy.


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